“Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle, I” by Olek and Devan Harlan

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Photos and video by G.  Art by Olek and Devan Harlan.

Olek and Devan Harlan

Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle, I by Olek and Devan Harlan

When the talents of artists Olek and Devan Harlan came together for a collaborative sculpture called  “Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle, I,” the results are not just amazing, but ridiculously amazing.  LZ Project Space in New York is showing this incredible sculpture until March 12, 2011 and you’d seriously be a fool to miss it.  Instead of using fabric to cover this white bicycle, it is instead covered in light! Devan Harlan uses real-time 3D and projection mapping to cover the surfaces merged with Olek’s mastery of crochet.  Seeing pictures of this sculpture on line, such as the one above, look cool, but when you see it with your own eyes, I guarantee your mouth will drop open!  Luckily for the non New Yorkers, I can prove it with video!  The video was shot at the opening night gala reception, so please ignore the background noise from the crowd and feast your eyes on an amazing work of art.

The opposite side of the bike has different projections on it too, so I urge you to see it for yourself at LZ Project Space (located at 164 Suffolk Street) in New York.� “Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle, I” by Olek and Devan Harlan runs until March 12, 2011.

Olek and Devan Harlan

Olek and Devan Harlan

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