Review: Male Bonding live at Mercury Lounge

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John Arthur Webb of Male Bonding

John Arthur Webb of Male Bonding

I love Male Bonding!  The British rockers are back!  Male Bonding (formerly a trio and now a quintet) celebrated the release of their new album “Endless Now” by playing at New York’s Mercury Lounge on August 29, 2011.  The show began at 10 pm with an opening set from Texas pop/rockers Love Inks.  Male Bonding hit the stage at 11 pm and didn’t stop rockin’ all night long!  Their songs are typically short and sweet but also fast and furious.  Lead singer John Arthur Webb kicks ass on guitar and lead vocals.

Robin Christian of Male Bonding

Robin Christian of Male Bonding

Drummer Robin Christian is just a killer on the drums.  He can play really fast and knows how to get the crowd dancing and thrashing about.  Kevin Hendrick looks a bit like Kurt Cobain with his hair in his face, and like Kurt, Kevin rocks it out.

Kevin Hendrick of Male Bonding

Kevin Hendrick of Male Bonding

Nathan Hewitt of Male Bonding

Nathan Hewitt of Male Bonding

Since the last time Male Bonding were in New York, they’ve gained a new member – Nathan Hewitt.  Like his band members, Nathan is great too!  The band played a mixture of songs from their debut album “Nothing Hurts” including “T.U.F.F.,” “Franklin,” and “Weird Feelings.”  From their new album “Endless Now,” they played “Tame the Sun,” “Carrying,” “Seems T o Notice” and their latest single “Bones.”  The show was great and I recommend you check out their music if you need a little infusion of garage rock and roll in your life.

See the setlist after the jump.

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Male Bonding: New Album, New Tour

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Male Bonding

Male Bonding

Male Bonding, a 3 piece punk trio from the UK have announced a new album and a new tour.

The album will be called “Endless Now” and will be released on August 29, 2011.  The tracklist, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan (who are also offering a free mp3 of “Bones”), is:

1 Tame the Sun
2 Carrying
3 Seems to Notice
4 Bones
5 Before It’s Gone
6 What’s That Scene
7 Mysteries Complete
8 Can’t Dream
9 The Saddle
10 Channeling Your Fears
11 Dig You Out

Their tour dates for Summer 2011 are:

August 6th. OFF Festival, Katowice, Poland
August 27th Glasslands, Brooklyn NY @
August 28th Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia PA @
August 29 Mercury Lounge, New York NY @
August 31 st Brighton Music Hall, Boston MA
September 1st lI Motore, Montreal, QE @
September 2nd Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON @
September 3rd Magic Stick Lounge, Detroit, MI @
September 8th Subtereanean, Chicago, IL @
September 10th Red Palace, Washington, DC @
September 24th. Exeter – The Cavern, UK
September 25th. Cardiff – The Globe, UK
September 26th. Liverpool – Shipping Forecast , UK
September 27th. Birmingham – The Victoria Pub, UK
September 28th. Manchester – The Ruby Lounge, UK
September 29th. Glasgow – The Admiral, UK
September 30th. Newcastle – The Other Rooms, UK
October 1st. Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
October 4th. Brussels, Rotande Botanique, Belgium
October 5th. Amsterdam, OT301, Netherlands
October 6th. Tilburg, Incubate, Netherlands
October 7th. Paris, Fleche D’Or, France
October 8th. Berlin, Festaal Kreuzeberg, Germany w/ Moon Duo
October 9th. Leipzig, Centraltheatre, Germany w/ Moon Duo
October 10th. Munich, 59:1, Germany w/ Moon Duo
October 12th. Yverdon-Les-Baines, Amalgame, Switzerland
October 13th. Bern, Isc Club, Switzerland
October 14th. Lille, Aeronef, France
October 17th. London – Upset The Rhythm! The Garage
@ w/ Love Inks

13 Bands to Watch in 2011

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All videos filmed by G.

As 2010 draws to a close, I can say that it’s been a good year for music.  After seeing literally hundreds of acts this year, it is my duty to share some of my favorites with you.  Below see my 13 of my favorite new bands/artists of 2010.

Delphic. If you like New Order, you’ll love Delphic. Check out “Red Lights”

Young Empires.  Check out the disco-punk band performing “Against the Wall”

Two Door Cinema Club. The sound on “Something Good Can Work” is very bass heavy, so definitely seek out a cleaner version of this amazing song.

The Rassle. Take a drive, roll the windows down and sing “Born Free” at the top of your lungs! It’s a great experience.

Dan Black. The following clip of “Yours” is performed acoustically, so imagine what the dancey studio version sounds like. Don’t just imagine… find out!

Penguin Prison. If you like pop and soul with guitar, you can’t go wrong with Penguin Prison.

Wild Nothing. If you like The Smiths, you’re going to love Wild Nothing.

MNDR. If you love pre-botox Madonna, MNDR will be your thing. Here’s “Sparrow” and “Fade to Black” performed with Mark Ronson!

JBM. Jesse Marchant’s voice is so beautiful you might find yourself crying. But they’ll be tears of joy.

Hanni El Khatib. Rock and roll is not dead and Hanni El Khatib proves it!

Tame Impala. If you like the Beatles psychedelic era, you’ll love these Australian rockers. Check out “Solitude is Bliss”

Male Bonding. The punk trio from the UK rock. Hard! They are so awesome live too. This is their track “Weird Feelings.”Future Relative. Check out their cover of Bjork’s “Army of Me.”

“Weird Feelings” live by Male Bonding

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HD Video by G.

When I saw the UK punk band Male Bonding live the other night, I fell in love instantly.  Their songs f—ing rock!  Don’t worry if you can’t hear the vocals, we couldn’t hear them in the front row either.  I have their album “Nothing Hurts” and vocals are ever present.  Just kick back and enjoy the music!

This track is called “Weird Feelings.”

Male Bonding live at Bowery Ballroom

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Male Bonding

On September 29, 2010, London punk trio Male Bonding opened for California surf-pop band Best Coast and stole the show.  Every song was super fast and made you want to just dance your ass off until you are physically unable to body slam anymore.  As my long time readers know I actually hate it when that happens at shows, but I lucked out and the crowd was well behaved in the front row. I definitely think it stemmed from two things: the audience was unfamiliar with the music and it was an odd choice as an opening band for Best Coast.  Regardless, I loved it and I am really looking forward to getting their album “Nothing Hurts.”  At the show, the vocals were drowned out by the music, but it actually worked out fine.  Instrumentally, the band was so great.  Drummer Robin Christian played the shit out of them, bassist Kevin Hendrick had a Kurt Cobain vibe going on and guitarist John Webb and his tattooed self was a treat for both my ears and eyes.  I loved it!  I met 2 out of 3 members after the gig and I complimented them both on their awesome performance.  They were both extremely cool.  Looking forward to hearing more great things to come from Male Bonding.

See the set list after the jump.  Thanks to John Webb for it!

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