Video Premiere: “Manhunt” by Jeremy Gloff

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Combined video footage from tmemkerobbie and serveandvolley24’s channels. Thanks to Robert Sharp and Anthony Tornatore.

Album version as seen in the film “Eating Out: The Open Weekend.”

“Manhunt” was written by Jeremy Gloff and Geoffrey Dicker and is from the album THIS by Jeremy Gloff available on Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby.

You won’t be able to get this song out of your head.  And we like it that way!

Click play and get your groove on!


Jeremy Gloff and Geoffrey Dicker Write A Track For “Eating Out 5”

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Photo courtesy of Jeremy Gloff.

"Manhunt" written by Jeremy Gloff and Geoffrey Dicker. From the movie "Eating Out 5"

Sometimes my life is truly unbelievable.  But luckily, I have proof of the amazing things that happen to me.  Here’s the latest…

I recently wrote the lyrics for a song called “Manhunt.”  I sent them off to singer/songwriter Jeremy Gloff who recorded the track (which is available on his latest album “This”).  The song got selected to be featured in the film “Eating Out 5,” which has been making the festival circuit.  It will be released on video later in 2012.

Special thanks to Jeremy for such an awesome collaboration and we will see you on the big and small screen!

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