Alphabeat live at Santos Party House

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Anders SG and Stine Bramsen of Alphabeat.

The UK-based Danish pop group Alphabeat played their first ever show in New York City on March 23, 2010 at Santos Party House.  The sold out crowd had already gotten warmed up as the DJ played songs such as “My Little Red Book” by Love and “The Look” by Roxette to get the party started and then the opening act One Night Only totally rocked our socks off.  However, when Alphabeat hit the stage, the crowd went absolutely batshit nuts!  The pop sensations have a mix of Human League, Animotion and 90s Euro Dance to their sound and according2g as well as the crowd – that’s a good thing!  Their album “This Beat Is” has been released overseas, yet it’s not scheduled for release in the US until later this year. As the crowd sung along to every word, Anders SG – the male vocalist – thanked the crowd for downloading the album illegally. He was joking, but he said he said he just wants people to hear the music.  He shares vocal duties with the exquisite Stine Bramsen and when I met her prior to the gig, she was super nice (a picture of that coming soon).  A few fun facts about the band:  Alphabeat consists of 6 members and 3 of them are named Anders – though none are related to each other.  They had been asked to open for the Spice Girls on their reunion tour, but the band felt that performing for huge crowds that didn’t know any of their music would be counterproductive.  Never fear, Lady Gaga asked them to open on her recent tour of the UK and Ireland and as we all know – everything Gaga touches turns to gold.

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One Night Only – Live at Santos Party House

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George Craig of One Night Only.

On March 23, 2010 at New York’s Santos Party House, British quintet One Night Only took the stage to open for the pop sensation Alphabeat.  As they walked on stage with their mop-top hair styles, I was expecting them to sound like a boy-band.  I stood corrected from the second lead singer and guitarrist George Craig picked up his electric guitar and nearly blew the roof of the sucker with their rockin’ songs.  Every song was fast and their sound has elements of The Killers, The Editors and The Courteeners. If you like any of those bands, you’ll probably want to check out One Night Only. Moments before the show, I met lead singer George Craig and he was very nice.  A picture of that encounter coming soon. A few fun facts about the band: They got their start as a nameless cover band doing tracks by Blink 182 and the Beatles mixed with their own original material.  When asked to perform a proper gig, they didn’t have a name, nor did they expect to last more than one performance so they christened themselves “One Night Only” on the spot.

See another picture of One Night Only and the set list after the jump.

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