Video Clip: Julian Casablancas covers The Strokes

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Here’s a brief clip of Julian Casablancas ‘covering’ The Strokes “I’ll Try Anything Once.”  The clip was taken at 101.9 WRXP’s 2nd Anniversary bash at Irving Plaza aka the Fillmore East in New York on March 24, 2010.  Enjoy!!!

Julian Casablancas live at the Fillmore East

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Julian Casablancas

On March 24, 2010, The Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas played at the legendary Irving Plaza aka the Fillmore East as part of New York radio Station 101.9 WRXP’s 2nd birthday celebration.  Legend has it that Julian was recently in a taxi cab and the driver had 101.9 on the radio dial and Casablancas was really impressed that they played four good songs in a row, so he decided he wanted to headline the celebration.  As the show was 16 and over (yuck!), there were lots and lots of screaming girls and of course as is expected at “amateur concert-goer night,” a bit of crowd surfing, pushing, body slamming and moshing took place as well.  Still, as Julian Casablancas hit the stage playing songs from his debut cd “Phrazes for the Young,” whose title was inspired by an Oscar Wilde book, the crowd pretty much flipped out in ecstasy for the entire 90 minute set.  He also did some Strokes “covers” as well as B-sides.  In Strokes news, the band is recording currently without him to work out some musical arrangements and Casablancas will soon join them again to add his signature sound to the tracks.  His banter in between songs ranged from awkward (as he often had no idea what to say in between songs) to hilarious (once he figured out what to say, he was on fire).  At one point he told the crowd how many times and how many bands he’d seen at the venue and then he followed that up with “where are we again?”  Regardless, he rocked the crowd and turned me into a fan.

Julian Casablancas - Phrazes for the Young - Out Now!!!

See more pictures of Julian Casablancas as well as a really odd picture of the set list after these commercial messages….

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Dan Black – Live at the Fillmore East

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Dan Black.

I was lucky enough to see Dan Black last month performing at the Mercury Lounge (review of that show can be read here).  At the time, I was largely unfamiliar with his music.  His performance won me over in a big way and in the last month, I have listened to his debut album “((Un))” a lot.  Naturally I was really excited to see him performing on March 24, 2010 in the legendary Irving Plaza aka the Fillmore East as part of New York radio station 101.9 WRXP’s 2nd anniversary concert.  He opened for The Strokes front man Julian Casablancas (but there’ll be more on that part of the show coming up).  Before the crowd rocked out with Casablancas, Dan Black funked up the room in the best way possible with his delicious beats, his supercuteness and his catchy songs.  He was even more energetic at this show – dancing all over the stage and still was able to hit the high notes in his songs.  The set list was pretty close to what I saw about a month ago, but the songs were in a different order.  He played all my favorites off the album,  including “Pump my Pumps,” “I Love Life,” “U and Me,” his hit “Symphonies,” (this time around it was free of his interpretation of Notorious BIGs “Hypnotize”), and his cover of “Pass That Dutch” (which is criminally left off his album).  I am really liking “((Un))” a lot, so if you need something to put a little groove in your step, you might want to give this record a spin. Based on his stage performance and the catchiness of his songs, I think it’s only a matter of time before he’s a superstar.  Before the gig, I had a brief encounter with the man in white and the last name Black and I’ll be posting that soon.  So stay tuned.

Dan Black - ((Un)) is out now!!!

See some more pictures of Dan Black after these brief message from your local sponsor.  Just kidding.  Click “read more of this article” as the link suggests.

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