An Encounter with Mary-Louise Parker

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Mary Louise Parker and Geoffrey Dicker

Mary-Louise Parker and Geoffrey Dicker

OMG!  The one and only Nancy Botwin!  Mary-Louise Parker is currently starring in “The Snow Geese” on Broadway.  The play only runs through mid-December 2013, so if you want your chance to see MLP in the flesh, you have to act quickly.  The story, set in post World War II, focuses on a recent widow (played by Mary-Louise Parker) confronting the reality that he recently deceased husband left their wealthy family in massive debt.   The cast is great, and for me, a huge fan of “Weeds,” it was great to watch Mary-Louise Parker on stage for 2 hours.  After the show, she briefly signed autographs and took photos with the show goers and it was a perfect end to a perfect night!  Thanks Mary-Louise!  You can find out more about “The Snow Geese” and get your tickets at this link (which will open in a new window).

The Plays and Essays of Wallace Shawn

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Mary-Louise Parker and Wallace Shawn

On November 22, 2010, I attended “The Plays and Essays of Wallace Shawn” at the Proshansky Auditorium in New York.  Both the author and his friends read from his work and it was highly entertaining.  “My Dinner With Andre” is a highly recommended film that gives you a peak into the writing style of Wallace Shawn, if you are not familiar with his body of work.

The “set list” for the program was:

“Aesthetic Preferences” from Essays (read by Fran Lebowitz)

“Why I Call Myself a Socialist” from Essays (read by Mary-Louise Parker and Mark Strand)

The Designated Mourner (read by Deborah Eisenberg and Josh Hamilton)

Aunt Dan and Lemon (read by Emily McDonnell)

The Fever (read by Bob Balahan and Julianne Moore)

“The Quest for Superiority” from Essays (read by Peter Carey and Wallace Shawn)

Grasses of a Thousand Colors (read by Sakina Jaffrey, Frank Whaley, Deborah Eisenberg and Emily McDonald)

“After the Destruction of the World Trade Center” from Essays (read by Wallace Shawn).

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