A2G’s Top 10 Concerts of 2010

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I estimate that I saw over 200 bands in 2010.  Picking out the top 10 shows that really blew me away was a really hard task because I was privileged to see so much great music.  Believe me, there were way more than 10 shows that knocked my socks off, but for purposes of a top ten list, these are my picks.  Please believe me that if any of these bands come to your town, I cannot recommend highly enough that you go see them!

1. The Flaming Lips at Terminal 5.

The Flaming Lips

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“Angel” Live by Massive Attack

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Here’s just a tiny sample of how cool Massive Attack’s show is.  The clip is “Angel” and it was taken from their first of two sold out shows at New York’s Beacon Theatre on October 21, 2010.  Take it away….

Massive Attack live at the Beacon Theatre

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Robert Del Naja aka 3D of Massive Attack

I saw Massive Attack live for the first time earlier this year and I loved every second of it. After seeing them perform at the Beacon Theatre on October 21, 2010, I can honestly say that my opinion has not changed – they are so incredible live!  The stage setup was nearly identical to when I saw them at Terminal 5, but the major differences are the Beacon has assigned seating whereas Terminal 5 is general admission.  The night kicked off with an hour and a half tribal set from Thievery Corporation (more to come) and when Massive Attack took the stage around 11 pm, the crowd was ready to jam.  Massive Attack’s light show got better by the song as more colors were introduced, more lights were used and the patterns the lights were making was enough to induce a hallucinogenic state!  It also made me happy that Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja turned up to the gig since I gave him directions yesterday and anyone that knows me can vouch for my terrible sense of direction.

Martina Topley-Bird

The entire evening was a highlight, but for the people that like to hear the hits, “Angel,” “Tear Drop,” and “Interia Creeps” were all played.  Surprisingly absent were “Karmacoma” and “Unfinished Sympathy,” but good news, they are playing the Beacon Theatre again on October 23, 2010, so if you missed the show tonight – cancel your plans and go see them!

Daddy G

See the setlist, after the jump.

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An Encounter with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja

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Photo by G.

Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack and G

This is one for the books.  I was on my way to an appointment when I arrived a few minutes early.  I decided to wait outside and enjoy one of the last nice weather days New York will have in 2010.  Moments later, I see a guy walking up the street towards me.  I immediately think it’s Robert Del Naja aka 3D from Massive Attack.  Yes, I know they are playing a show on October 21, 2010 because I am going to it.  I am about to test my skills when the man approaches me. He asks where Houston Street is.  In NYC, the street is pronounced “How-Ston” instead of “Hugh-Ston.”  I told the accented man “you’d better not say ‘Hugh-ston,’ because these New Yorkers’ will kick your butt.”  He laughed and once I heard his accent, I said “Robert, would you mind taking a picture with me?”  I think that was a fair exchange.  I told him that it seemed so strange to see him just walking down the street so I wasn’t sure if it was him or not.  I also told him that I’d be going to see him perform the next night and how great their show was when I saw Massive Attack earlier this year.  We also talked a little bit about street art, because he was around doing street art before forming Massive Attack.  He came up in the same era as our dear old Banksy, but sadly, I didn’t get any Banksy stories out of 3D.  Well, thanks again Robert and I will assume that if you don’t show up at the Beacon Theatre, my directions were dreadfully bad.

Video: Invade Me by Massive Attack

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Video by G.

The sound quality is not great on this clip of Massive Attack performing “Invade Me” at Terminal 5 in NYC on May 11, 2010, but it’s worth a click just to see the really cool backdrop they used for their show, which I loved!  On vocals – Martina Topley-Bird and Robert Del Naja (aka 3D).


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