Video: “Live Forever” by Matt Morris

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It’s been over a week since I saw Matt Morris live and I am still in heaven.  You can see reflections from the show that took place at the ultra intimate The Living Room in New York here.  You can read about my encounter with the tremendously talented singer here.

And without further delay, see Matt Morris performing his new single “Live Forever” live from The Living Room in New York on July 15, 2010.

Video: “Bloodline” live by Matt Morris

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As I mentioned previously, Matt Morris has an amazingly beautiful voice.  In case you didn’t believe my words, hear him live performing “Bloodline,” from an extremely intimate gig at New York’s The Living Room on July 15, 2010.  You can see images and a review here.


An Encounter with singer Matt Morris

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Photo taken with my hand.

Matt Morris and G

Moments after arriving at The Living Room in New York for a very intimate performance with the amazingly talented Matt Morris, I met the singer as he was finishing his sound check.  He was extremely nice during our encounter.  I sat really close to where he performed and I was really blown away by how great his voice is.  I’ve heard his studio work, but standing in such close proximity to the man as he sang was really a great experience.  I had to fight back tears several times as I think his voice is so beautiful and his stage presence is absolutely charming!  As he exited the stage, he walked past where I was sitting, and I gushed at how amazing I thought his performance was.  Once again he was incredibly gracious.  I have no doubt that Matt Morris is going to be a superstar and he just became one in my world.  Thanks again Matt!  I wish you all the success that life has to offer! His album “When Everything Breaks Open” is out now!

Matt Morris live at The Living Room

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Matt Morris

Matt Morris is not just a singer and songwriter, he’s a sensation!  When he performed live at a very intimate gig at New York’s The Living Room on July 15, 2010, the audience literally hung on his every word.  This was my first time at The Living Room and I must say, the venue is so intimate that you must go if anyone you remotely like is ever playing there!  The evening started off perfectly as I walked in and saw a little bit of Morris’ soundcheck and I met him shortly after he was finished.  He was super nice.  More on my encounter with Matt coming soon so stay tuned.  He played for just over an hour with a 3 piece band and they were incredible.  He opened the show with by singing a capella and maybe it was due to the fact that I was just a few feet away from him, but I had to hold back tears many times during his set because his voice is so beautiful!  To me he sounds like the best elements of Jeff Buckley, Ray LaMontagne with a bit of Justin Timberlake’s funkiness, and according2g, that’s amazing!

Matt Morris at The Living Room

He played songs off his latest album “When Everything Breaks Open,” including “Money,” “Bloodline” and his new single “Live Forever” (and there will be videos of the later 2 songs, so check back for that). He told a story about how he’s from Denver and his mother went to the local Best Buy this week to pick up the album.  When she arrived, on 50 TV screens throughout the store, videos of Matt Morris were being shown and his mother was overwhelmed with surprise and delight.  He said that on a whirlwind week, that phone call from his mother was the pinnacle.  The story was so precious that I had to restrain myself from jumping on stage and giving him a hug!  I’m sure his husband wouldn’t have appreciated my gesture, so I refrained.  There is no doubt in my mind that Matt Morris is going to be a huge star and I sincerely wish him all the best in his rise to the top.  Thanks to Heather for telling me to cancel my previous plans to go see Matt Morris live.  It was so worth it!

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