10 Reasons You Should Always Go See Young Empires

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Young Empires

Young Empires

It’s no secret that I love the Toronto-based dance/punk band Young Empires.  I’ve been fortunate enough to catch each of their Manhattan shows over the last couple of years including their smoking hot performance at Mercury Lounge on March 1, 2012.  If you weren’t there last night, I hate to break it to you, but you missed out on a great time.

Here’s 10 reasons you should never miss one of their shows.

1. Young Empires’ debut EP “Wake All My Youth” has 7 great dance tracks with not one bad song in the lot.

2. They’ve recently added a new member to the band – drummer Taylor Hill and his live drumming adds a new layer of funk to their already funky sound.

3. Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra is a fan (and Young Empires will be performing at the Chopra Foundation on March 5, 2012)!

4. Their entire 45 minute set is a non-stop dance party.

5. In terms of good looks, Young Empires are in a tight race with Foster the People to be the best looking dance band in music today.

Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires

Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires

6. All of their songs are catchy with infectious choruses that will stay with you long after the show is over.

7. New York – you can catch them live tonight (March 2, 2012) at Glasslands in Brooklyn (and they’ll also be performing at South By Southwest, so don’t miss out Texas!)

8.  Have I mentioned how great “Wake All My Youth” is?  Well, I am saying it twice because I love it that much!

9. After their set was over, the crowd refused to accept it and was literally begging for them to play more songs.   That’s a site, I’ve rarely seen (and I see hundreds of bands a year!)

10. They are so nice to talk to, so make sure you chat with them after their set blows your mind!

Thanks again Young Empires for a great night!  See you soon!!!

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Free Mp3: Young Empires remix Two Door Cinema Club

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Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires

Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires

My speakers are on fire!  Young Empires, one of my favorite new bands, have remixed another one of my favorites, Two Door Cinema Club!  I have no idea how this track leaked, but the rumour is that a kid in China sent it to a friend saying “don’t send this to anyone,” and you know how that goes…

What matters is this:  the Young Empires remix of “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club is fantastic and even better, it’s free!

For a limited time, download it here.

After you love this remix as much as I do, while supplies last, you can download a free EP from Young Empires on their official site.  I highly recommend checking out their music if you are not already familiar with it.  Every song is a non-stop dance party!  The band is getting so much great buzz on the net and they’ve been on a very successful tour with Chromeo and Holy Ghost!  They return to New York on April 7, 2010 playing The Studio at Webster Hall and I cannot wait for the show.

The band has also recorded a session for Daytrotter and as soon as it’s up, you’ll be hearing about it here.  Happy downloading!

Young Empires live at Arlene’s Grocery

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Young Empires live at Arlene's Grocery

I cannot believe it’s only been two months since I was first exposed to the disco-punk band Young Empires.  I saw them open for Dragonette in August of 2010 and I have been listening to their music so much since then, it seems like their songs have been a part of my musical vocabulary for a much longer period of time.  Naturally, I was excited to see them perform again as they played a very intimate gig at Arlene’s Grocery for the CMJ music festival on October 23, 2010. Once again, Young Empires kicked ass!  Non New Yorkers might know of Arlene’s Grocery as it was one of the venues Jeff Buckley used to play before his career skyrocketed.

Speaking of careers skyrocketing, I spoke with the band before the gig and they were telling me that they just supported Jamiroquai on a South American tour!  Mark my words, this band is going to be huge!  I was shocked when I discovered they are not signed to a record label yet, so my dear readers, let’s all close our eyes for a few minutes and think “Interscope.”  Also, while you wait patiently for live videos of Young Empires’ fantastic soon-to-be worldwide smash hits “Against The Wall” and “Rain of Gold,” which I’ll be posting soon, you can download FREE demo versions of the tracks by signing up on the band’s mailing list on their official Myspace page.  This is highly recommended and I know your ears will thank you for clicking the link!  When I wrote my review of Young Empires from their August performance, I remarked that I liked the music so much, I couldn’t wait to meet the band after their set to tell them.  I saw the same thing happen after their performance today with new fans and I am happy to see that people are really responding to Young Empires.

Young Empires’ 7 song set consisted of “White Doves,” “Against The Wall,” “Rain of Gold,” “Diamond Rings” and a couple of new songs.  I really enjoyed watching the audience go crazy during the Young Empires’ set especially since the crowd was virtually expressionless for the bands that played prior to them.  Dance floors in 2011 are going to be a much happier place once the music of Young Empires is playing, so get ready to get your disco-punk groove on!

I cannot wait for Young Empires to become huge stars and if performances like the one they delivered at Arlene’s Grocery are a predictor of future success, I think it’s only a matter of time before they conquer the music charts.  Pass it on…

Matthew Vlahovich (Lead Singer) of Young Empires

Robert Aaron Ellingson of Young Empires

Jake Palahnuk of Young Empires

Young Empires live at Bowery Ballroom

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Matthew Vlahovich and Jake Palahuk of Young Empires.

It’s not very often when you don’t want to slash your wrists watching an opening band.  It’s even more rare when you fall in love with the opening act immediately.  It’s also uncommon when the band keeps you entertained throughout their set to the point where you don’t want them to ever stop playing.  Such was the case when I saw Canadian electro group Young Empires open for Dragonette at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on August 13, 2010.  This was the first show the group has ever played in New York and based on the crowd reaction, you’d think they’d been around for years!  The crowd was dancing and grooving throughout the band’s 30 minute set.  Lead singer Matthew Vlahovich’s voice reminded me a bit of Kele from Bloc Party mixed with Trent Reznor and when you put that on top of some hard hitting dance music, I was in heaven!  I think this band has the potential to be huge and I am already a huge fan!

Young Empires

I couldn’t wait to meet the band so I could tell them each how awesome they were and they were all extremely nice guys.  More on my encounter with them coming soon. Here’s a piece of wonderful news that lead singer Matthew Vlahovich told me – if you go to the band’s myspace page (link is above), by signing up on their email list, you can get 4 demos and 1 remix the band has done for free!  I’ve already downloaded and I am loving their studio work as much as their performance!  I wish them all the success in the world and I hope they make it quick so I can go see them live again.

"Please let me meet G after the show. Amen."

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