PiL sings “Psychopath” at Terminal 5 in New York

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During PiL (Public Image Limited)’s first show in New York in 17 years, I captured Johnny Rotten’s love song to serial killer John Wayne Gacy.  The song is “Psychopath,” live from Terminal 5 on May 18, 2010.  Enjoy!

An Easy PiL to Swallow: PiL live at Terminal 5

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Johnny Rotten of PiL

Performing their first show in New York in a staggering 17 years, Public Image Limited or PiL made a sold out crowd at Terminal 5 lose their ever lovin’ minds on May 18, 2010 and my ears are still ringing to prove it!  I thought once he’d left the Sex Pistols, he no longer wanted to be called Johnny Rotten and instead use his real name of John Lydon, but he referred to himself several times as Johnny Rotten tonight on stage, so I just went with it.  But let’s just take a moment, shall we… Johnny Fucking Rotten!  Whoa!  While he took copious swigs of alcohol between each song, sometimes spitting them out, sometimes swallowing, the man whose voice “sounds like a bag of kittens being thrown down a staircase” was in top shape as he belted out song after song, with a voice that is unmistakably his.  He was no longer his rambunctious self, but he did yell at a person in the front row who kept pointing at him whilst singing the songs back to Johnny and he told him to knock it off and have some respect.  He asked the crowd if we thought the Pope was a Nazi and of course, the entire place unanimously shouted “yes,” before he launched into “Religion II” and he also dedicated “Psychopath” to serial killer John Wayne Gacy (a video of the entire song will be forthcoming, so stay tuned).  PiL also played “This is Not A Love Song,” “Rise,” “Public Image” and “Annalisa,” and the crowd loved every second of it.  Rumours abound that a documentary is being filmed of this tour and the camera crews were out tonight, so look for yourself if you were there.  If you don’t want to wait another 17 years to see Johnny Rotten and crew, you’d better head over to the Music Hall Of Williamsburg tomorrow night as they are playing their second and final show in New York (and that is being filmed also).  Tonight’s show was the easiest PiL I’ve had to swallow in a long time.


See some more pictures of Johnny Rotten, the set list and the merch after the jump.

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