Adam Yauch Mural

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Adam Yauch Mural in Queens

Adam Yauch Mural in Queens

RIP MCA.  This mural lives at 5Points in Queens.

Linkage – August 9, 2012

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-Bloomberg nixes free vibrator day (via Village Voice)

-Get well soon Blakie! (via Gigwise)

Class of 1982 in music.  Where are they now? (via Rolling Stone)

-50 Unreleased Albums Complex wants to hear.  (via Complex)

Alliyah‘s family think Drake sucks shit too!  (via NME)

-Famous album covers recreated with socks!  (via NME)

-Rock stars that have posted naked pix of themselves on line (via Gigwise)

MCA’s will says “don’t whore me out to advertisers” (via Gothamist)

-Vote for Boy George as top DJ of 2012! (via DJ Mag)

-Fun Photos From Photobooths.  Say that 100 times fast!  (via Flavourwire)

-Will Prince sue Capital Cities for covering “Nothing Compares 2 U”? (via Gigwise)

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Madison Square Garden Pays Tribute to MCA (Adam Yauch)

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RIP MCA on the marquee of Madison Square Garden

I am a huge Beastie Boys fan, so naturally I have been really sad about the death of MCA (Adam Yauch), but seeing this on the marquee of Madison Square Garden in New York really brought it home, and it made me cry!

RIP Adam!  Thank you so much for all the great music that has and will forever rock my world!

RIP Adam Yauch (MCA) of Beastie Boys

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Photo of Google Images of Adam Yauch by G.

Adam Yauch (aka MCA) of The Beastie Boys via Google Images

So sad to hear that Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch (aka MCA) has died from cancer at age 47.  I am old enough to have been around when the Beastie Boys first hit the scene in the 80s and I remember at the time hearing the samples they used in their music which lead me to “discover” bands such as Led Zeppelin.  For that I am eternally grateful.  I feel like a part of my childhood has been ripped away with his passing, but since death is unavoidable, let’s grieve and get on with the show.  Thanks for all the great songs that I have loved for upwards of 20 years MCA!  Rest in peace!

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