Video: “Yellow Gold” Live and Acoustic by Andy Allo

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HD Video by G.

On January 27, 2014, Cameroonian-born singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, model, and actress Andy Allo performed her first ever solo show in New York at Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side.  Fans braved the freezing temperatures only to have our hearts melted by Andy Allo’s smooth and very beautiful voice.  She performed songs from her debut album “Unfresh,” a cover of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain,” as well as tracks from her latest offering, “Superconductor,” a record that featured some help from the Voldemort of funk – Prince.  Typically when Prince produces an artist, he brings out their best, but I can honestly say after seeing Andy Allo live, she is WAY better off without a little help from her friends.  Her voice is incredible and her songs work better stripped down acoustically than they do featuring purple production.  Like the Harry Potter universe did with Voldemort, Allo did not need to speak his name throughout her show and as a result, we were all able to fall in love with Andy Allo for her gift of song and not for her famous friends.

Check out an acoustic performance of her standout track “Yellow Gold” by clicking PLAY.

There’s no word if the Purple Police will come after me for posting this video, but if they do, I will comply and then write an article which will hopefully go viral about what a horrible person and business man Prince is… and boy, do I have stories I could tell.  Not a threat, just a fact.  He may be a control freak over his intellectual property, but he’s got nothing over mine.  He may dress like a Jehovah’s Witness, but the similarities end there, I assure you!   🙂

Thanks for a great night Andy!

Andy Allo and Geoffrey Dicker

Andy Allo and Geoffrey Dicker

Andy Allo Setlist at Mercury Lounge.  Now property of the G Archives.

Andy Allo Setlist at Mercury Lounge. Now property of the G Archives.


Video: “High Society” live by Betty Who

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HD Video by G.

On December 14, 2013 Australian singer Jessica Anne Newham, better known as Betty Who performed 2 sold out shows at Mercury Lounge in New York.  Snow storm be damned, the venue was packed!  Unlike most of these new bands you read about on blogs where they don’t do any research and just post the press release, I can say that Betty Who lives up to all the online hype she’s getting.  She has a hell of a voice, has a great look and is super cool towards her fans, of which I have become one after seeing her perform.

Songs like “High Society,” will hopefully turn you into a fan.  The only way you will know for sure is by clicking PLAY.   Enjoy.


Video: “Latch” (Stripped Down Version) live by Sam Smith

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HD Video by G.

On August 8, 2013, British singer Sam Smith played one of his first solo gigs in the United States – an epic sold out show at New York’s Mercury Lounge.  Backed with a 3 piece band, they kept it intimate and very soulful!  The track “Latch,” which you are about to see, is quickly becoming a dance floor classic around the world.  Sam Smith lends his vocals to the Disclosure track and it’s a great track!  We were treated to a stripped down version of the song, that really showcased how amazing Sam Smith’s voice is.  I told him after the show that there is no doubt that he is going to be a huge star and he couldn’t have been nicer.  Never change, Sam and best of luck – the world is about to latch onto YOU!

Video: “Glory of the Night” live by Young Empires

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HD Video by G.

Every time Canadian quartet Young Empires visit New York, their shows get better and better and the crowds are falling deeper in love with their music.   Such was the case on June 25, 2013 when Young Empires packed the house at New York’s Mercury Lounge during their current US tour promoting the release of their debut EP “Wake All My Youth.”  You’ll have to forgive the darkness of the video you are about to see.  The low lighting kept the show very intimate, so focus on the great sounds you are about to hear coming from your speakers.  If this is your first exposure to the music of Young Empires, please note that most of their songs are fast and when you listen to them, you will find it impossible not to clear some space and get your groove on!  If, like me, you’ve been a long time fan of the band – good news!   They are working on new music with a new single to drop later this year and tentatively have scheduled early 2014 for the release of a new record.  2014 is going to be the year of Young Empires.  Mark my words!

And now, enjoy a live version of “Glory of the Night.”

Just press play…

Review: Peace live at Mercury Lounge

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Photos by G.

Harry "Harrison" Koisser  of Peace

Harry “Harrison” Koisser of Peace

On June 12, 2013, British indie rock band Peace performed their 2nd of a 2 night stint in New York at Mercury Lounge.  The band’s sound has elements of The Maccabees and Vampire Weekend and some of their songs lean a little more on the dancey side, but make no mistake, Peace have a nice hard edge to their music.  Peace is making a big splash overseas and the next time they come back to New York, they’ll be opening for Two Door Cinema Club, which will definitely find them gaining a more significant US fan base.  They performed a 9 song set at Mercury Lounge and I really enjoyed the show.   One of the highlights for me was a song (not on their debut album “In Love”) called “1998” which was a nice long rock/dance jam.  It had few lyrics, but it showcased that Peace are great musicians and know how to rock as well as get funky.



They also played “Wraith,” and “Follow Baby” which have both been released as singles overseas and both songs are very catchy and rockin’.  I definitely recommend that you check out their music and you can do so on their official website.  After the jump, you can see the set list as well as photos of my encounter with the band.  Thanks again Peace!

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