Frank Russo’s Monsterfaces

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Photos by G.  Art by Frank Russo.

Monsterfaces by Frank Russo. Now showing at the Live Fast Gallery in NYC.

Artist Frank Russo has the life we all dream of.  He’s an amazing artist, he co-owns the MF Gallery with his wife Martina (which has locations in the US and Italy) and he even has his own line of collectible art trading cards!  After the success of his “Monsterfaces” show in Brooklyn in April of 2010, Russo created 80 new paintings on wood and are on display at the Live Fast Gallery in New York.  I attended the opening party last night and it was a blast.  The pieces in this exhibit are extremely affordable, and as you can see from the pictures above and below, are totally awesome!  I had the chance to talk to Frank Russo and he was extremely nice.  He even posed for a picture for me in front of his art!  See that picture after the jump.  Thanks Frank!  “Monsterfaces” is on display at the Live Fast Gallery in New York (located at 57 Clinton) through September 5, 2010.  Don’t miss it!

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I Need Your Skull at the MF Gallery

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Photos by G.

Art by Gilbert Oh.

The MF Gallery in Brooklyn has an amazing exhibit that is showing now through June 20, 2010 called “I Need Your Skull.”  The exhibit boasts dozens of artist renderings of skulls in all shapes, sizes, styles, mediums and colors.  It’s really cool!  The 30 plus international artists in the exhibit are as unique as the pieces they’ve created and the results are stunning.  When I toured the gallery, Martina Russo (the M in MF Gallery) told me that the gallery has started its most ambitious project yet – they are building a 20 foot 3-D skull to affix to the top of the building!  I saw a sketch of the skull design and it’s going to be really awesome!  All proceeds from the sales of the works in “I Need Your Skull” will be going towards the manifestation of their skull vision.  Once this exhibit closes, the following exhibit will be Zombies!  If it’s anything like “I Need Your Skull,” it’s going to be wonderful.  Thanks again to Martina for being so cool.  The MF Gallery is located at 213 Bond Street in Brooklyn.  You can see some more photos of this great exhibit either by clicking on the MF Gallery link above or by visiting Gail’s Rad Blog.

Art by Angie Mason.

See some more images of this really cool exhibit after the jump.

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