“Power Point” by Michael Riedel at David Zwirner Gallery

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Photos by G. Art by Michael Riedel.

Power Point by Michael Riedel

Power Point by Michael Riedel

In yet another exhibit where photos just don’t do the art work justice, we have “Power Point” by Michael Riedel at David Zwirner in New York.

Michael Riedel

Michael Riedel

This next bit is taken from the Happy Famous Artists official website because they describe “Power Point” in the most succinct way.  “Riedel’s work uses a digital distribution process by taking data from various websites that mentioned Riedel’s work, translating them into strong geometric compositions of text and graphics and presenting them as large canvas prints mounted on matching wallpaper. Riedel later ran this imagery through a PowerPoint presentation software, freezing the moments of transition between two slides and thus generating a new work that “takes place between two existing works”, or, in some cases, between the work an an empty slide. As the press release mentions, the fact that each new work creates a gap that can be filled again suggests the idea of endless production.”

Power Point by Michael Riedel - The Invitation

Power Point by Michael Riedel – The Invitation

The invitations for this exhibit are coveted items as they are mini works of art. They each come with a CD featuring a song by Woog Riots that was composed especially for the show.  The one on the left is unsigned and the one on the right is signed.  You know how I roll.  You can see a photo of me with the artist after the jump.

“Power Point” by Michael Riedel is showing at David Zwirner Gallery (located at 533 West 19th Street in Manhattan) through March 23, 2013.

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