Tracey Emin Attends Valentine’s Day Showing of “Midnight Moments” in Times Square

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Photos by G.  Art by Tracey Emin.

Midnight Moments by Tracy Emin

Midnight Moments by Tracey Emin

Despite freezing rain mixed with light snow, artist Tracey Emin and about 100 fans attended a Valentine’s Day eve showing of her latest work “Midnight Moments” in New York’s Times Square on February 13, 2013.  The visual valentine shows Tracey Emin’s animated words appearing on 14 Times Square Marquees (in all directions) from 11:57 PM through midnight nightly for the entire month of February 2013.


“I Promise To Love You”



Love What You Want

You can see the Times Square takeover at 11:57 PM through midnight if you head over to 47th Street and Broadway in New York during the entire month of February 2013.

Times Square Take Over!

Times Square Take Over!

Click on the next photo to get even more details about this one of a kind exhibit.


I Promise To Love You

I Promise To Love You

I met Tracey Emin after the presentation was over and despite the nasty weather, she was very nice.  She even let me get under her umbrella to stay dry whilst we took a photo.  Thanks Tracey!

Tracey Emin and Geoffrey Dicker

Tracey Emin and Geoffrey Dicker


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