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Yes!  Mike Bonanno and G.

Yes! Mike Bonanno and G.

I was in the prescence of greatness tonight at an exclusive screening of The Yes Men Fix The World in New York City.  Who are the Yes Men, you ask?

Andy Bichlbaum and G.

Andy Bichlbaum and G.

The Yes Men are activists Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonnano who create fake websites mocking evil organizations and sooner or later, they get real invitations to speak at conferences and appear on TV, where they pose as spokespeople for these organizations.  Once invited, they seek to expose the real meanings of these organizations ideologies that are often being hidden from the public.  In essence, they are like the Banksy’s of film.

Their latest film, The Yes Men Fix The World, picks up where their self-titled first film leaves off.  By posting a fake website about Dow Chemicals, they got invited to speak on the BBC news channel where Andy Bichlbaum apologizes for the bad behavior of the company, which lead to the worst chemical spill disaster ever in the city of Bhopol, India.  Though the media eventually picked up on the hoax, the Yes Men were able to expose the crimes of this company and get an audience of 300 million viewers to start thinking about corporate responsibility.  The film features several other “hoaxes” that will leave you on the edge of your seat laughing until it hurts and pondering to yourself –  “how in the hell do those guys pull it off!?”  The film is truly genius and if you feel like you are being taken advantage of by the man in any way, this is the film for you.

Several months ago in New York City, the Yes Men printed up thousands of copies of their “Dream Edition” of the New York Times, where every story in it was good news and distributed it to unsuspecting New Yorkers.  As people were reading the headlines, they were overjoyed by the good news, only to find out the world is still a very cruel place.  Copies of the paper are already selling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay, but the gracious Yes Men gave everyone in attendance a copy of the paper.

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