Free “Be The One” by Moby EP Download

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Moby - Free Download


Electronic God Moby is giving away a free download of his new EP “Be The One” for a limited time on his official site. His next full length album “Destroyed” is expected to be released in May, 2011.  Happy downloading!

Getting to know Diamondsnake

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New Yorkers!!  Moby‘s heavy metal side project Diamondsnake is playing on October 2, 2010 at the Mercury Lounge.  I saw them earlier this year and they were awesome.   In addition to being great musicians, they were hilarious and on top of all of it – they ROCKED!  Perhaps you only know Moby’s amazing electronica.  Perhaps you only know Moby’s charitable contributions to the world. Check out this video and get to know another side of Moby.

An Encounter with Moby

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Photo taken with my hand.

Moby and G

I love Moby!  He is one of the most talented musicians around.  Whether he is DJing, making delicious electronica or playing the hell out of the electric guitar in his side project band Diamondsnake, Moby is a master of all musical disciplines.  He also gives away tons of music for free to budding film-makers and he’s involved in a lot of charitable causes.  It’s not surprising then, that Moby is extremely nice.  When I met him at a super-swanky party at the Hudson Hotel in New York, he was very cool and he even thanked me for asking for a photo!  No, Moby… Thank YOU!

Happy Birthday, Moby

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According2g would like to wish the singer, musician producer and DJ Moby a very happy 45th birthday today.  I’ve seen Moby perform both as a DJ and in a heavy metal band and he’s badass!  He’s extremely nice, extremely talented and he does tons of great stuff including giving away music for free to low budget films for their use.  I think he is a class act! My favorite Moby song is “Feeling So Real.” I can’t hear that one without throwing myself a silent rave.  What’s your favorite Moby song?

Persephone’s Bees live at the Highline Ballroom

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Angelina Moysov of Persephone's Bees

Prior to Moby’s heavy metal side project Diamondsnake hitting the stage at New York’s Highline Ballroom on June 17, 2010, San Francisco’s Persephone’s Bees got the crowd ready to rock!  Lead singer Angelina Moysov is from Russia and she started this band after immigrating to the USA in 1993.  She donned a Superman cape as the band played a 40 minute set.  Their music has heavy influences of punk, pop, gypsy and folk music, which sounds great when you blend these mixtures together.  They played tracks such as “Way to Your Heart,” “Nice Day,” and “City of Love.”  You can check out the music of Persephone’s Bees for yourself on their myspace page.

Persephone's Bees

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