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I’d like to recommend the movie “Modigliani,” if you are perusing your Netflix queue and you are hard pressed to find something interesting to see.  This 2004 movie stars Andy Garcia as the Jewish artist that fell in love with his Catholic muse Jeanne in the early 1900s.  I was familiar with his distinctive paintings, but I had no idea of some of the trials and tribulations he faced in his brief life.  He was an alcoholic, had a famous battle with Jeanne’s parents over his religion and Pablo Picasso and Modi (as he was known) had a well-known rivalry.  As he made many paintings featuring his muse Jeanne, so many of them had voids for eyes and he explained to her “I cannot paint your eyes until I know your soul.”

While the movie does mention that Modigliani died of a lung infection caused mostly by smoking and drinking, I had to look on Wikipedia to find out that 2 days after his death, Jeanne threw herself and their unborn child out of a window.

Good stuff.

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