“Salvaged Perspective” by J Carlos Pinto

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Photos by G.  Art by J Carlos Pinto.

"Salvaged Perspective" by J Carlos Pinto. Now showing at Phantom Audio in NYC

Frankie Velez presents a must see exhibit by Guatamalan artist J Carlos Pinto.  Entitled “Salvaged Perspective,” Pinto has made collages out of pieces of New York subway Metrocards.  The detail of each work is incredible and the exhibit has dozens of works in every size.  Subjects range from the Mona Lisa to Barack Obama!  You’ll see these icons as you never have before and I know you’ll be wowed.  I’ve seen a few pieces of J Carlos Pinto’s work before but this was my first experience of seeing a full exhibit and it is incredible!   He’s extremely prolific and you’ll definitely find yourself wondering how he makes these works of art.

Notorious BIG by J Carlos Pinter

 Spotted in the crowd at the opening night gala reception were artists Wonder Lee, Eric Eyeball Richardson, Fumero, Gigi Chen and Sienide.  I was fortunate enough to talk to J Carlos Pinto and he was very nice and approachable.  You can see a photo of that after the jump.

“Salvaged Perspective” by J Carlos Pinto is now showing at Phantom Audio, located at 48 West 25th Street, 10th Floor in Manhattan.  The exhibit will be showing until the end of May, 2011 so don’t miss it!

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