G Meets Morgan Spurlock

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Photo taken with my hand.

Morgan Spurlock and G

The other night at the book launch for the most excellent Beyond The Street at the recently deceased Deitch Projects (RIP) in New York, I met film-maker Morgan Spurlock.  Spurlock is most famously known for his documentary “Super Size Me,” in which he exposed the grotesque food that McDonalds sells.  He recently completed an adaptation of the uber-popular book Freakonomics and he is currently filming a documentary on Comic-Con.  Both should be very interesting.  Thanks to Morgan Spurlock for making great documentaries and also for being super cool!

Beyond the Street – Book Launch

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Photos by G.

Beyond the Street by Patrick Nguyen and Stuart Mackenzie - Out now!

May 27, 2010 will go down in art as a historic night.  It was the final event ever to be held at Deitch Projects in New York (which closes on May 31, 2010) and it was also the celebration of the launch of the most excellent book Beyond The Street by Patrick Nguyen and Stuart Mackenzie.  Beyond The Street is not just a book – it’s an encyclopedia.  It profiles the 100 most significant people in the urban art movement, many of whom were in attendance last night, and I met them ALL!  The guest list included Logan Hicks, Jonathan Levine, Faile, Elbow Toe, WK Interact, Saber, Gaia, DZine, Jose Parla, Momo, Charming Baker, Mr. Brainwash, Ron English, Sweet Toof, Martha Cooper, Pedro Alonzo, Patti Astor, Charlie Ahearn, the Wooster Collective and documentarian Morgan Spurlock. In the coming days, I’ll be writing about my encounters with these artists, ALL of whom were super cool! A few people on the list are known anonymously in the public sector as the “moral majority” considers their art to be graffiti.  I would never break the confidence that was entrusted to me by these great artists so I’ll only be posting images that will not get people into trouble.  I’d like to thank the Happy Famous Artists for getting me on the guest list of this once in a lifetime event, which will now be referred to as “the Woodstock of Urban Art,” and I’d like to thank Patrick Nguyen for his role in this amazing book and for throwing one of the greatest parties I’ve ever been to, and of course thanks to all the artists I got to meet who have made my life a brighter place with their great art!

See a picture of Morgan Spurlock and Ron English (OMG!), Mr. Brainwash, Beyond The Street co-author Patrick Nguyen and spot the artists in a crowd shot – after the jump.

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