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Antichrist directed by Lars Von Trier

Antichrist directed by Lars Von Trier

When April and I went to the US Premiere of “Antichrist,” the lastest film by director Lars Von Trier, we had no idea what we were in for.

The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg (yes, Serge’s daughter) and Willem Dafoe as a husband and wife team who try to rekindle their love after the death of their son.  Well, in typical Lars Von Trier fashion, that was the most upbeat part of the movie.  I won’t give it all away, but the controversy surrounding this film is not for nothing.  Before the film ends, you will see genital mutilation (both male and female), a jerk-off scene where the money shot is blood, a talking fox, a lot of female nudity and several scenes that will turn your stomach and creep you out.

To make the night even stranger, during a pivotal scare-the-crap-out-of-you scene, a guy behind us in the theatre had a seizure and they had to stop the film, turn the lights on and usher him out, which gave the audience a few more minutes to feel really creepy.

Other than that, the cinematography, directing and acting were totally great.  So go see it and bring the kids!

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