Introducing Mx Justin Vivian Bond

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The Artist Formerly Known As Justin Bond

The always entertaining Justin Bond, and one half of the performing duo Kiki and Herb, has announced that he is adding Vivian to his name as he is “beginning hormone treatments not to become a woman but in order to actualize what I’ve always known myself to be a trans person. I want my body to be a declaration and physical manifestation of my transgendered spirit. When I was younger I used to refer to myself as a ‘non-op transexual,’ meaning I was a transexual who didn’t need to have surgery to assert what I was. But I was wrong because without assertions people can only make assumptions and I no longer wish to indulge or refute the assumptions or labels other people choose to place on me, I simply want to inhabit my very clear vision of myself.”  You can read the full essay Mx Justin Vivian Bond has written on

Under any name, Bond is a great performer who keeps me entertained at every performance!  Way to go, girlfriend!

The Band Formerly Known As Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head

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Shaun Libman formerly of Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Currently of Brite Futures.

Breaking news for fans of the band Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head aka NPSH!  The band is changing their name to Brite Futures.  A variety of reasons were given on the band’s new website and my favorite reason is that their “love affair with that band name was just a fling.  That lasted and lasted and lasted.”  I saw the Seattle band in my pre-blog days opening for Lily Allen on the best party day of the year, 4/20, and I had a blazingly good time.  The band sounds like the Scissor Sisters meets the Chemical Brothers with mixtures of indie-pop thrown in for good measure and according2g, that’s a great thing.  I still listen to their debut album “Glistening Pleasure” a lot.  Speaking of that record, check out the track “Me + Yr Daughter.”  I love singing the lyrics “Me + Yr Daughter / Never been hotter /Touching my body” out loud as I walk down the street.  But I digress.  The band is changing its name to Brite Futures and if you click on their new official site (link is above), you can watch a hilarious video that explains the name change as well as getting a free mp3 their new track “Dog-Eared Summer.”  RIP Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head and viva Brite Futures!

Name Change of the Day

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The Artist Formerly Known as Courtney Love

The BBC is reporting that Courtney Love no longer wants to be known by that moniker as it is too oppressive.  From this second forth, she’d like to be known by her birth name Courtney Michelle.  Fair enough, but just so you know Courtney Michelle, most of the world is going to continue to call you by this name: Batshit Crazy!

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