Happy Birthday, Nick Thune

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Photo by G.

Nick Thune!

It’s comedian Nick Thune’s birthday today!  In one of the most bizarre concert line-ups I’ve ever witnessed, I was at a rock show where the first act was a sword swallower, Nick Thune was up next and then 2 rock bands finished off the night.  Nick Thune totally stole the show!  I highly encourage you to check out his act, either on his official website or by checking out clips on youtube.  I think you’ll agree that he is definitely going to have a successful career.  Nick is currently prepping “Nick’s Big Show,” a web-series for Comedy Central so it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a household name. Happy birthday Nick!

An Encounter with Nick Thune

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Photo taken with my hand.

Nick Thune and G

On July 16, 2010 I witnessed the strangest line up for a rock show that I’ve ever seen.  Coming from me, who typically attends several shows a week – that is saying a lot.  Working backwards from the main act to the openers – Mates of State (an indie pop band).  Before them, The Stepkids (also indie pop, but performed in the dark with a laser light show projected onto them!).  Before The Stepkids, comedian Nick Thune – who I have to say totally stole the show.  Before Nick Thune, a sword swallower. Seriously!

Nick Thune is a comedian whose jokes had the audience at a rock show staying completely silent to hear his every word, before bursting into laughter.  I’d say that’s a huge accomplishment in a room full of New York hipsters!  His stand-up routine reminded me slightly of Steven Wright, my favorite living comedian since George Carlin broke on through to the other side, as his jokes often made you think for a brief second before losing control with laughter.  I’ll never be able to tell it the way Nick Thune did, but he remarked that we were such a good crowd it’s a pity that we don’t go on tour to show other crowds how it’s done. He also did a side-splitting bit about Missed Connections on Craig’s List. Genius! As I was in my usual spot at concerts – front row center, Nick Thune gave me the key to his tour bus during the show.  It is a really long story, but to briefly summarize – I chimed in on a question he had for the gays in the audience and moments later, he included me in his Missed Connections bit.  His wife (aka his room-mate) needs not worry – he is heterosexual, but I accepted the key and started calculating in my head how many beers I’d need to feed him after the show, just to be sure.  I’m only kidding!  Acutally, being the conscientious Virgo that I am, I worried for the rest of the show that he might need that key for something!  I caught up with him after his set and returned his key.  He seemed heartbroken that I rejected his gift, but I am sure that within half a second or less, he got over it.

The key to Nick Thune's.... tour bus.

We chatted for a few moments about living in LA (where he currently lives and where I used to live), and I had the chance to tell him how hilarious I thought he is.  I am happy to report that he was super cool!  His comedy album “Thick Noon” is available now and you can see various clips of Nick Thune on the links above to his website and blog.  I urge you to check them out – he’s a funny mthrfkr!

Thanks again Nick and I am going to be really disappointed if you are not a household name in a year’s time!  No matter what happens, we’ll always have this photo of the moment we shared at the Bowery Ballroom.

Nick Thune - "Thick Noon" is out now!

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