Nicole Kidman attends “The Paperboy” New York Film Festival Premiere

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

During the 2012 New York Film Festival, actress Nicole Kidman was being honored for her achievements in film (yeah, I was just as surprised), prior to a screening of her new film “The Paperboy.”  While I thought Nicole was a good speaker, I think most of her films suck.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved “To Die For” and “Moulin Rouge” was good for one viewing only, but “the Hours” seemed to drag on for that amount of time and when on a retrospective reel of your career, they highlight your performance in “Batman Forever,” it reaffirms why I stick with music and art over movies.  She expressed her worst career moment was that she’d seen “Eyes Wide Shut” for the first time the night before director Stanley Kubrick died and instead of calling him, she decided to wait until the next day.  Turns out, it was too late because he croaked.  She didn’t address the topics that would have been most interesting – her massive amounts of plastic surgery or her marriage to Tom Cruise, so while I am grateful for the experience, I am billing Nicole for 3 hours of my precious time the next time I see her.

Richad Pena and Nicole Kidman

Richard Pena and Nicole Kidman

The discussion was followed by the New York premiere of Nicole Kidman’s latest film “the Paperboy.”  It was directed by Lee Daniels, who also directed the highly overrated “Precious.”   Here’s the basic plot of “The Paperboy”:  A reporter returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.  Sadly, it doesn’t get more exciting than that.  However, one of the stars, Zac Efron, who is mega-buff – almost to the point of overkill, is shirtless and in his underwear for almost the entire movie.  Nicole Kidman wears some spicy little numbers that show off her great legs and she smokes cigarettes A LOT.  There’s a scene that is sure to make headlines because people are very small minded, where Zac gets stung by a jellyfish and Nicole Kidman pees on him to save his life.   The scene was totally extraneous and was SO obviously included for shock value.   If Zac or smoking Nicole or a non-sexy pissing on someone scene are your thing, you might want to check out this movie.   If none of those things float your boat – SAVE YOUR TIME!  By endorsing these shitty films by going to see them, it allows more crappy films to be made.  If you really must see a film just so you can say afterwards “wow, that sucked,” you are an enabler.   Remember, the people have the power – but only if they choose to exercise it.

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