A2G’s Top 12 Albums of 2010

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Top 12 Albums of 2010

I’m so happy that 2010 was a great year for music!  Last year, I struggled to find 10 albums I liked enough and this year, I had to stop myself at my favorite 12.  I was fortunate enough to meet 11 out of the 12 artists in 2010 (Arcade Fire being the exception) and I saw 11 out of the 12 albums performed live (with Kele being the exception) and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists again for making my ears so happy in 2010.  I’ve listened to all of these albums so many times this year and I love them all dearly.

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Night Work by Scissor Sisters – Out Today!

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Night Work by Scissor Sisters - Out Today!!!

The wait is over!  The third album from Scissor Sisters, “Night Work” is in stores today!  I definitely think it’s their strongest album and I can’t get enough of it.  I think my favorite songs are “Invisible Light,” “Sex and Violence” and “Skin This Cat.”  My worlds of street art and music have collided with the above image and I am loving seeing Scissor Sisters propaganda all over the streets of New York!

Your thoughts?

Night Work by Scissor Sisters - Out Today!!!

Lyrical Goodness From The Scissor Sisters

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Night Work by Scissor Sisters. Available June 29, 2010.

As my faithful readers know, I love the Scissor Sisters.  They are one of the best bands to see live as the energy of lead singer Jake Shears is incomparable.  Co-lead singer Ana Matronic knows how to work the crowd with her sexiness and watching Baby Daddy and Del Marquis is a treat for the eyes. Their 3rd album “Night Work” is one of the most anticipated releases of the year for me and I’ve been lucky enough to hear the album prior to its release on June 29, 2010. Every track is upbeat and I am sure it’s going to be the summer album that everyone grooves to in 2010.  Rather than provide a proper review (since I love every song on the record), I’ll tell you some of my favorite lyrics off each song, after the jump.

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Night Work by Scissor Sisters – The G Review

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Night Work by Scissor Sisters - Out June 29, 2010.

I am a big fan of the Scissor Sisters, so it’s no surprise when I attended the world premiere listening party for their 3rd album “Night Work,” that I loved the album.  At the Rock Bar in the very West Village of New York, the Sisters debuted their 3rd record and the packed house was gettin’ their groove on for the entire album.  Every song is upbeat and I think the Scissor Sisters have a worldwide smash on their hands.  I’d heard a bunch of their new songs when I attended two not-so-secret shows earlier this year, and I am pleased to report that the studio versions of these songs are equally as awesome!

This is definitely going to be the dance party album of the year!  From the opening track “Night Work” to the Sir Ian McKellan guest vocals on the closer “Invisible Light,” the album sounds like a greatest hits record.  Spread the word as “Night Work” will be released on June 29, 2010.  I can’t wait to get my copy and play it over and over again.  Lead singer Jake Shears was in attendance to watch the packed house love every second, and after the listening party, we chatted for a few moments and he was super cool, as always, and he even remembered meeting me!  Whoa!  I think the 3rd album’s the charm for the Scissor Sisters to get the worldwide recognition they deserve.

See how filthy/gorgeous Jake Shears looked at the party as well as 2 prized possessions that Jake autographed for me – after the jump.  Not only is Jake Shears one of the sexiest men in music, but he’s also one of the nicest!  Thanks again for the music and for being so cool. Read more of this article »

Scissor Sisters announce album title and release date!

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Scissor Sisters!

Head on over to the Scissor Sisters official website to hear their new track “Invisible Light,” which will be taken from their 3rd album which has finally been given a name and a release date.  The album will be called “Night Work,” and comes out (pun definitely intended) on June 28, 2010.  The album cover features a juicy Robert Mapplethorpe picture.  Hopefully there will be some equally revealing pictures inside the booklet.  Let us know what you think of the new track.  I’m definitely excited!


The first single from “Night Work” will be “Fire With Fire,” which is released on June 20, 2010.  The tracklisting for “Night Work” is:

‘Night Work’
‘Whole New Way’
‘Fire With Fire’
‘Any Which Way’
‘Harder You Get’
‘Running Out’
‘Something Like This’
‘Skin This Cat’
‘Skin Tight’
‘Sex and Violence’
‘Night Life’
‘Invisible Light’

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