Panda Bear to Release Box Set to Aid American Cancer Society

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Noah Lennox of Panda Bear

Noah Lennox of Panda Bear

Good news for fans of Panda Bear!  Noah Lennox’ 2011 side project “Tomboy” will be reissued on October 31 in a deluxe LP box set, limited to 5000 copies and proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

The tracklist via Pitchfork is:

TomboyBox Set:


LP 1:

01 You Can Count on Me
02 Tomboy
03 Slow Motion
04 Surfer’s Hymn
05 Last Night at the Jetty
06 Drone

LP 2:

01 The Preakness
02 Alsatian Darn
03 Scheherazade
04 Friendship Bracelet
05 Afterburner
06 Benfica

LP 3 (Single Mixes):

01 Drone
02 Tomboy
03 Last Night at the Jetty
04 Surfer’s Hymn
05 Scheherazade
06 Benfica
07 Slow Motion
08 Friendship Bracelet
09 Alsatian Darn
10 Bullseye
11 You Can Count on Me

LP 4:

01 Alsatian Darn (Instrumental)
02 Slow Motion (Instrumental)
03 Friendship Bracelet (Instrumental)
04 Drone (Instrumental)
05 Last Night at the Jetty (Instrumental)
06 You Can Count on Me (A Cappella)
07 Alsatian Darn (A Cappella)
08 Slow Motion (A Cappella)
09 Afterburner (A Cappella)
10 Drone (A Cappella)


Panda Bear Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Panda Bear

Panda Bear

On July 3, 2011, experimental electronic band Panda Bear played a sold out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in New York.  Tickets were so hot in fact that they could only be picked up right before entry into the venue.  I actually think this is a great way to handle events like this as it allows a greater chance of fans getting in instead of ticket scalpers.  The show began at 9 pm with surf/pop band Ducktails playing a 40 minute opening set.  Their songs were all short, rockin’ and to the point.  Panda Bear hit the stage just after 10 pm to a fog machine and trippy visuals on the screens behind them that didn’t ever let up.  The visuals mixed with lead singer Noah Lennox’ hauntingly beautiful voice were great.  Panda Bear played tracks from their album “Tomboy” and the highlight for me was the 3rd song in, “Slow Motion.”  Like most of the show, the songs had fat beats and the audience enjoyed following Panda Bear down the musical rabbit hole.



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