Live Video Premiere: “Like Fire” by VV Brown

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HD Video by G.

VV Brown’s 2nd album “Lollipops and Politics” will not be out until February 2012.  On November 2, 2011 in New York, VV Brown premiered her new album live for an adoring crowd at Mercury Lounge.  As you will see/hear, VV’s favorite song is the ultra sexy “Like Fire.”  Get an exclusive sneak preview of the song here.

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A Quick Pic With Sheila E.

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Sheila E and Geoffrey Dicker
Sheila E and G

Wednesday like a river!  I love Sheila E. so much!  I’ve been a fan of her music since her brilliant debut album “The Glamorous Life” was released in 1984. Her next few albums “Romance 1600,” “Sheila E. (also known as “The White Album”) and “Sex Cymbal” have been in high rotation with me for over 20 years.  In that time, I’ve seen and met Sheila E. so many times and as I am writing this, something so obvious that I’ve never thought about occurred to me – Sheila E. has NEVER let me down.  Whether you are listening to her albums, seeing her in concert or meeting her in person, Sheila E. delivers!  In concert, Sheila is one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen.  She’s so good, she can even kick Prince’s ass!  Yes.  I said it (because it’s true).  But that’s not all!  You’ve not lived unless you’ve seen a legendary percussion “battle” with her brother Peter Michael Escovedo.  Though I could stop right there, I will not.  Sheila E. is not just all great music and live performance.  She donates so much time and energy into great causes such as the Elevate Hope Foundation and as if it was not enough to be inspired by her music, her humanitarian efforts are so commendable.

I could go on and on about how much I love Sheila, but you came here to get the story behind this great picture you see above.  On Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Sheila E. tweeted that she was in New York, gave a location and a time and told her fans to stop by for a “quick pic.”  I think you know the next part of the story.  True to her word, Sheila arrived and all it took was me saying “I read your Tweets this morning” and she laughed and got in position for a “quick pic.”  How cool is that?  SO cool, according2g.  Sheila E. and The E-Family have a new album out called “Now and Forever,” and you know it’s going to be good, because like I said before – Sheila E. does not disappoint!  Find out more on Sheila E.’s official website.  Thanks again Sheila for ALWAYS being so great in every way!

Review: The Drums Live at Bowery Ballroom

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Jonny Pierce of The Drums

November 2, 2011 was a great day!  In the same night, I got to go to my two favorite venues in New York City: Mercury Lounge (for the early show to see VV Brown) and Bowery Ballroom to see The Drums (who went on around 11 PM, for those seeing them later this week).  I saw The Drums a year ago as part of CMJ and I loved their show a lot.  There have been some personnel changes within the band and whoever said “change is good” sure knows what they are talking about.  The Drums added a new bass player, switched drummer Connor Hanwick to guitar and added a new drummer.  I think The Drums sound better than ever and in fact, the live versions of the songs they played from their albums “the Drums” and “Portamento” sounded better to me than the studio versions.  It was as if the band grew into these songs and each track was stronger, punchier and more dance-oriented than the album versions (read: please release a live album!)

The Drums

Lead singer Jonny Pierce’s stage presence last night was reminiscent of the glory days of Morrissey as he swayed to the beat and delivered his moody, but brilliant lyrics about breaking up, money and death.  Pierce told the crowd that the band is winding down from their North American tour before playing the non-album track “I Felt Stupid.”  Other highlights included great versions of their “Portamento” songs “Money,” “I Need a Doctor” and “If He Likes It Let Him Do It.”  The crowd of course lost their minds during songs such as “it Will All End In Tears,” “The Future” and “Best Friend,” which Jonny Pierce dedicated to his dead best friend.  The Drums are playing a few shows this week, but they are all sold out so do what you need to do and see them!

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Review: VV Brown Debuts New Album Live in New York City

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VV Brown

VV Brown

VV Brown is back!  If you missed her 2010 debut album “Travelling Like The Light,” I recommend you remedy that right away.  The album is a wonderful mixture of soul and rock and VV Brown blends a vintage sound while still being totally fresh.  I liked the album so much, in fact, that it made my Top Albums of 2010. I’ve been very excited to hear new music from VV Brown and I got my wish on November 2, 2011 at a sold out show at Manhattan’s Mercury Lounge.  The new album will be called “Lollipops and Politics,” and it’s set to be released in February 2012.  VV Brown told the crowd that she wanted to do a brief tour to perform the songs live to give her fans a preview of things to come and we got to see the second ever public performance of her new material.  I am very happy to say that her new tracks are great and if you loved her debut, you will be very excited.   Her new single “Children” is very funky and has a great beat.  It’s one of many songs that was written about the sad state of affairs this world is in, but it’s got a positive message.  “Tough Like Glue” and “Famous” are upbeat and bouncy and would not be out of place on her debut.  Many songs like “Red Balloon” sound like anthems and I know it’s going to be a crowd favorite once the album is released.

VV Brown. Lollipops and Politics - Coming February 2012

The song “Be Yours,” is a slower track (reminiscent of “Back in Time” from her debut) and it was definitely one of my favorite songs of the night.  VV talked about recording in her home studio, Have A Cup of Tea Studios, and when she announced the epic love song “Like Fire,” she said it is her favorite new song off the record.  It will also be the album’s closer and it’s really beautiful.  She talks about an amazing love that feels like fire.  The crowd loved every song, but “Like Fire” got a lot of applause at its conclusion.  It wasn’t all new songs at Mercury Lounge, however.  She also played “Quick Fix” and a new version of “Shark In The Water,” which was slowed down, from “Travelling Like The Light.”  The evening closed out with the new songs “10 Feet Tall” and “Children.”  I am really looking forward to her new album “Lollipops and Politics,” which is scheduled for release in February 2012.  VV Brown chatted with the crowd afterwards and it was great to see the audience personally let her know how much they loved the new material.  A video from this show will be coming soon, so watch this space.  Welcome back VV!

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An Encounter with Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine)

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Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) and G

I worked so hard to get this photo!  Let me just sit back and relish the moment for just one second before I tell you about meeting Florence Welch, lead singer of Florence and the Machine.  Let me also point out that I was in the midst of a great hair day as well, in case it was not abundantly clear from the above photo.  Ok.  On November 2, 2010, Florence and the Machine were doing a somewhat secret surprise appearance at New York’s SoHo Apple Store.  The deal was, you had to get a wrist band and then you could watch the performance – for free.  I decided, I’d get a wrist band, meet her and then watch her perform.  Two out of three things happened.  I assumed I’d meet Florence long before her scheduled start time of 4 pm, but she arrived at the venue at 4:05, so by the time I was finished meeting her, the place was so packed, I couldn’t even see so I didn’t bother to stick around.  I did get the chance to tell Florence how awesome she was the night before and she said “thanks.”  And thanks again Florence! You rock!

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