“In The Flesh (Part 2)” Live by Roger Waters

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You’ve seen “In The Flesh (Part 1).”  Since I know nobody clicks on the links I go out of my way to provide, you can search the archives if you want to see a spectacular video of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd opening his full performance of the legendary album “The Wall.”

As you know from the album, “In The Flesh (Part 2)” is from the second act (towards the middle). The floating pig makes a cameo in this video as well! Doubleplusgood.

And it goes a little something like this….

“Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)” live by Roger Waters

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HD Video by G.

I told you the other day that seeing Roger Waters of Pink Floyd performing The Wall in its entirety was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I stand by that, days after the concert has had a chance to absorb.  I got a lot of requests to post more videos, and I am happy to comply. I can tell you that in addition to this video, “In The Flesh (part 2)” will also be coming soon.  Part one has already been posted.  And don’t think I’d just cheat ya by only presenting “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2).”  You’ll see the lead in with “The Happiest Days of Our Lives.”


Roger Waters performs “The Wall” at Madison Square Garden

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Roger Waters!

November 6, 2010 is a day I won’t be forgetting for the rest of my life!  It’s the day I saw Roger Waters of Pink Floyd perform “The Wall” in its entirety at Madison Square Garden in New York.  The best way I can describe the show is to say that it was both epic and life changing.  The visuals were some of the best I’ve ever seen at ANY concert I’ve ever attended (and I’ve seen easily over 1000 shows in my life) and hearing the entire Garden sing along to the whole Wall album gives me chills even after the show.  A partially built wall went across the entire stage and bricks were filled in as the show went on.  Once the entire wall was built, some of the trippiest projections I’ve ever seen were shown on the wall as the band performed in front of it and at the very end of the show, the wall came down.

Is there anybody out there?

The ticket said the show would begin promptly at 8 pm and it began right at 8:20. From the opening notes of “In The Flesh (Part 1)” the show started on a spectacular note.  A video of the song will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that.  The song had fireworks (indoors!), cool visuals and an airplane crash with a real explosion!  It just got better from there.  I remember reading that Roger Waters got in trouble with some religious groups over some of the imagery in his show, and though I don’t think (and hope he didn’t) change the show, one of the strongest impressions was a scene of an animated airplane dropping crucifixes like bombs over a city.  It then changed to Jewish Stars and then it changed to the Mercedes Logo.  If you think for a second that religious or status propagnada isn’t dropped over our heads like bombs, you are delusional!  In these horrible global times we are in, seeing and hearing the messages in “The Wall,” which was written over 30 years ago, ring more true today than ever.

Roger Waters

The absence of David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright (RIP) were definitely felt, but to quote the song, “the show must go on.”  Roger Waters sounded great and I was very impressed that he performed “Empty Spaces” the same way as in the movie and the demo version (that has different lyrics than the regular album version).  During the song “Mother,” when the lyric “Mother, should I trust the government?” was sung, the wall lit up with the words… (see picture below)

Mother, should I trust the government? No Fucking Way!

When the words “No Fucking Way” were illuminated, possibly the biggest cheers of the night were heard across the Garden.  It was really amazing.  By the end of the first act, the entire wall was built and during the intermission, pictures of people who’ve died in wars were projected onto the wall.

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