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Posted by The G on November 9, 2010 under GNN | Comments are off for this article

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Todd Thomas of Sensual Harassment

This is a good week to be a fan of acid punk band Sensual Harassment.  There are three juicy tidbits from the New York band so let’s start at the beginning.

Their album “Alpha Draconis” is out this week!  I’ve raved about Sensual Harassment before and since seeing them live, I’ve listened to their EP quite a few times, which features “Daddy Long Legs,” “Fever” and “Soldier” and I love all of the songs.  If you took my advice when I first wrote about Sensual Harassment, you could have downloaded all those tracks for free.  Never fear, the band kicks ass so they are once again offering free music on their official site.

That brings us to news item #2.  “NYC Beast,” Sensual Harassment’s new single is available for free for a limited time on their official website.  This song will send you to synth punk heaven! Trust me!  This track will not be available forever, so go get it NOW!

News item #3. In celebration of news items 1 and 2, Sensual Harassment will be performing live on Friday, Nov 12, 2010 at 285 Kent Ave in Brooklyn (an underground DIY venue in Williamsburg, right beside Glasslands).  There’s an open bar from 10-11 and they will be playing at 11pm. Afterwards there will be an amazing dance party with Jacques Renault and the Let’s Play House gang.

If that is not enough to sweeten the pot, ladies and gays, lead singer Todd Thomas often performs shirtless.  I don’t see how it can get much better.

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