#Occupy Lego Land

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Photos by G.  Art by #OccupyLegoLand

Occupy Lego Land

Occupy Lego Land

Pretty funny.  The artist who set up #OccupyLegoLand at Zuchotti Park in New York said that he just wanted to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.  Mission accomplished, according2g.

Occupy Lego Land

Occupy Lego Land

Find out more about Occupy Lego Land on their official Facebook page.

Occupy Lego Land

Occupy Lego Land

Free Download: #OccupyWallStreet Poster by Desire Obtain Cherish

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Photo courtesy of Desire Obtain Cherish.

#OccupyWallStreet. Desire. Obtain. Occupy. by Desire Obtain Cherish

The #OccupyYourCity movement is not just happening in every major city across the world.  Awareness that the 1% is controlling the 99% (and that the tables are turning) is spreading across the internet too.  Los Angeles based artist Desire Obtain Cherish is doing his part by offering a free download of his latest work “Desire.  Obtain.  Occupy” on his official website.  Please repost, share on your favorite social networking sites, email to your friends and loved ones and at the very least – open up a dialogue about what is happening in the world and prepare to take action.  Major change is about to take place and the time is now to choose a side.  If you make less than $1,137,684 per year, you are one of the 99%.  Pass it on!

Los Angeles Street Artists Represent at #OccupyWallStreet

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Photo by G.  Various Artists.


It was great to se LA representing down at #OccupyWallStreet.

Click to enlarge the photo where you’ll see stickers from Bankrupt Slut, Felix, Common Cents, 2wenty, Herbert C. Hippos and Penguin Prison.

We are the 99%.  Rise up and Don’t fuck with my money!

More Photos and Commentary from #OccupyWallStreet

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Photos by G.

Now We Are Too Big To Fail!

A week ago, I visited #OccupyWallStreet for the first time down at Zuchotti Park in New York.  It was one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen as you could practically smell frustration and change in the air.  A week later, the weather is a bit cooler, but one thing remains – the people have just about had it with corporate greed, being lied to by governments and religions and a lot of rigid rules and regulations that benefit a small group of people, while the majority struggles for meager survival.  #OccupyWallStreet is a leaderless organization that has base camps up in major cities across the world (and expanding by the day).  I still found myself in awe of the protesters because it appears that change might actually happen, not only in my lifetime – but before the year is up!  It’s certainly the strongest form of the people uniting that I’ve ever seen.  It’s funny that certain people and media organizations are making #OWS sound like it came out of left field and is not warranted, but even little old me predicted something like this would happen.  How could it not?  For hundreds of years, the few have controlled the many and have done everything in their power to keep the masses numb so they wouldn’t figure it out.  Before #OccupyWallStreet set up camp, I offered up a collaborative project to help rewrite the Constitution and a lot of the things I mentioned are some of the unofficial tenets of #OWS.

Mainstream Media Lies. You Are All Brainwashed Slaves.

When you visit #OccupyWallStreet, you hear and readily engage in conversations with people who want to see change happen.  They want to not have to worry about money so they can enjoy their lives. They want corporate greed to cease.  They want the masses to wake up and realize that 99% of the world is being controlled by 1% and it’s not going to be that way for much longer.  These problems are not going to magically fix themselves, so the protesters are getting the ball rolling.  Our government has not implemented the grievances of the masses and now the masses are organizing to set things right.  It’s going to be absolutely fascinating to see what happens and as of right now, positive or negative results are totally up for grabs.  Of course the area at Zuchotti Park is being heavily policed, but nobody is doing anything to warrant the need for arrests (speaking from the experiences I’ve had down at #OWS).  Human nature often finds bad seeds ruining it for the bunch and that’s also a possibility here.  What seems most logical to me is that unfortunately, there will be bloodshed and it will lead to massive riots. I am hoping for a peaceful solution, but these protesters are soldiers in this war, and though we let history repeat itself over and over again, generation after generation, we all know what happens in war…


Towards the center of the camp, there are free clothes that protesters can wear and there is also a make-shift supply area with food and water to help feed anyone in need.  It’s really heart-warming and inspiring to see so many people working together. Deny it all you want, change is going to happen and there are going to be many bumps in the road ahead.  If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to open up dialogues with your friends and loved ones and don’t just talk – take action.  Choose a side and get involved.  This is much bigger than Republicans vs. Democrats and the Left vs. the Right.  This is about having an arachic system of rules in place that all need to be dramatically changed before the world and its people implode.  People have been complacent for too long relying on others to care for them.  I hate being harsh, but at the end of the day – NOBODY CAN SAVE YOU EXCEPT FOR YOU! People have sat on the sidelines for too long waiting for the right moment for “life to begin” so they can take the wheel.  Life began the moment you were born, so you’d better get on with it!  This might mean you have to unplug from your electronics, turn off the same television set you complain about that has nothing good to watch on it and TAKE ACTION!  The people have the power and are getting ready to squash anything or anyone who gets in our way.  Exciting times await.  Are the “bad guys” in the 1% going to be arrested or murdered for their crimes? Are the masses going to stay subservient to “the man” forever?  Only time will tell.  The truth is stranger than fiction.  This is going to be the best reality program of them all, according2g.  Occupy your city!  Pass it on!

How about a maximum wage

New Squat On The Block

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Photo by G.

New Squat On The Block

New Squat On The Block

Photo taken near #OccupyWallStreet.

I’d like to say that if you haven’t visisted the Occupy sites in your cities and instead are relying on what the media is telling you, you are not even getting a fraction of what is really happening.

The old maxim “Knowledge is Power” is going to be the very thing that destroys the current system.  It’s only a matter of time.  Arm yourselves with information.  The time is now!


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