Daniel Tosh live at the Beacon Theater

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Daniel Tosh

When I saw comedian Daniel Tosh perform the first of 2 sold out shows at the Beacon Theater in New York on October 30, 2010, he had me at “if you follow my Twitter feed, then you’ll know I had diarrhea today.”  Daniel Tosh is very funny, not politically correct at all and has a great delivery.  His hour long set wasn’t overly vulgar with “swear words,” but his sense of humor is not for the squeamish.  He made fun of a wide range of topics from Mormons to the obesity of the USA to  a boy who was recently decapitated at an amusement park. Though he tackled many subjects that seemed inappropriate to laugh at, Tosh’s observations were so spot on, I think you really have to be living in denial to not agree with most things that came out of his mouth.  Daniel Tosh didn’t just poke fun at others though, he took aim at his own career when he mentioned the upcoming comedy projects he has coming out and he basically encouraged the crowd to download them illegally for free (in a much funnier way than how I conveyed it).  I think the world needs more people out there like Daniel Tosh to really tell it like it is instead of telling the world sugar coated lies to spare our feelings.  If you are prepared to look some hard truths in the face and laugh your ass off along the way, Daniel Tosh is a must see if he comes to your town.

Daniel Tosh... For President!

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