“The Fall of the House of Whimsy” by Justin Vivian Bond

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Photos by G.  Art by Justin Vivian Bond.

The Fall of the House of Whimsy by Justin Vivian Bond

"The Fall of the House of Whimsy" by Justin Vivian Bond. Now showing at Participant Inc in NYC through December 18, 2011

Is there anything that Justin Vivian Bond does not do? Singer, performer, queer rights activist, visual artist and the list goes on!  “The Fall of the House of Whimsy” at Participant Inc. in Manhattan is Justin Vivian Bond’s first solo exhibit.  The exhibit consists of  paintings, photographs and installations incorporating elements of Bond’s former 2nd Avenue loft, which is about to be torn down.  The opening night reception was a blast as it felt like being invited over to Justin’s house for one of those legendary parties that you read about in the papers the next day.  Different areas of the gallery had different areas of an apartment and it was great to see party goers interacting with the art.

Limited Edition Vinyl Copies of "Dendrophile" by Justin Vivian Bond

If you are a fan of Justin’s work (and how could you not be?  Justin is incredibly talented), you will love this exhibit.  “The Fall of the House of Whimsy” by Justin Vivian Bond is showing at Participant Inc (located at 253 East Houston Street) in New York through December 18, 2011.  There are other “Whimsy” events including performances and installations so check out Justin Vivian Bond’s official site for more details.

Genesis P Orridge and Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Genesis P. Orridge and Mx Justin Vivian Bond at the opening night party for "The Fall of the House of Whimsy"


An Encounter with Magician David Blaine

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Photo by G.

David Blaine and G

On October 30, 2010, at PS1 (a division of the Museum of Modern Art), they hosted a 2 day event called Move!  The event paired artists with fashion designers and it was really cool.  Magician David Blaine was on hand as he was part of an installation that featured the short film “Dressed for Dinner” (directed by Adam Kimmel).  In the video, David Blaine is underwater in a school of sharks while smoking a cigar!  He keeps the cigar lit, blows smoke underwater and somehow does not get eaten by the sharks!  Don’t ask me how he did that, but it was not photoshopped!

David Blaine - Dressed For Dinner

As David Blaine toured the other floors of the exhibit, I met him and he was super cool.  I didn’t disappear and we both turned out in the photo, so I have proven that our encounter was not an illusion.  Thanks again David!  I am in awe of the tricks you perform.

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