An Encounter with Tori Amos

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Photo by G.

Tori Amos and Geoffrey Dicker

Tori Amos and Geoffrey Dicker

Tori!  The legendary Tori Amos was in town the other night to perform songs that will be aired on NPR. I won a ticket to the very exclusive performance and whether you are a fan of Tori or not, you’ve got to hand it to her, she’s an amazing performer.  One thing that is so awesome about her performances are that she really tries to appease her die-hards by performing obscurities and she changes the set list constantly.  I wish other artists would follow her example.  I met Tori after the performance and she was extremely nice. Thanks Tori!

An Encounter with singer Jared Evan

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Photo taken with my hand.

singer Jared Evan and G

On October 5, 2010, singer/rapper Jared Evan played a really get set at New York’s Mercury Lounge.  The 21 year old artist has been signed to Interscope Records and if you think of their roster (past and present), there’s no doubt that you’re going to be hearing a lot about Jared Evan.  To me, his music is a marriage of Justin Timberlake and Limp Bizkit and according2g, that equals superstardom!  I met Jared backstage after the show and he was really cool.  Until writing this article, I did not realize that his birthday is September 21.  That is also the day after my birthday as well as my dad’s birthday.  No wonder we got on so well… Virgos rule!  Best of luck to you Jared and thanks again.

Video: “Miracle” live by Jared Evan

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HD Video by GD.

Singer/Rapper Jared Evan has just been signed to Interscope records.  There is no reason he shouldn’t become a big star. Here’s why….

An Encounter with Caleb Followill

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Caleb Followill (lead singer) Kings of Leon and G

On October 5, 2010, I was on my way to see a friend and literally steps from my destination, I ran right into Kings of Leon’s lead singer, Caleb Followill.  He was totally cool when I asked him to take a photo as you can see from above.  Kings of Leon’s new album “Come Around Sundown” is officially released in two weeks, but it’s apparently been making the rounds on line for several days.  Support the arts!  Thanks again Caleb, and I am quite sure that even if the record has leaked, you’ll have no problem selling concert tickets.

Jared Evan live at Mercury Lounge

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Jared Evan

Attention tweens that are sick of wearing their hair like a lesbian because they have Bieber-Fever: Jared Evan is the next big thing! He sings, he raps and most of all, he rocks!  I checked out the native New Yorker’s set at Mercury Lounge on October 5, 2010 and even though I caught the early show, the venue was filled to capacity and the crowd was singing along to his songs as if he has been around for years.  His voice has a bit of Justin Timberlake and his band has a bit of a Limp Bizkit vibe.  Marry those sounds and you have an artist with huge potential.  Jared Evan is only 21 and has already been signed to Interscope Records. He played songs from his upcoming debut record “Fourth Chapter” which is due out later this year and some of the songs were produced by Pharrell Williams.   I think that he has the potential to be really huge and at the very least, he and his band are all really good looking and they are going to get so much pu-sy when they tour!  Be safe guys and I wish you all great success.  A video of his rockin’ track “Miracle” is coming soon as well as a picture of my encounter with the superstar in waiting.  Stay tuned!

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