Joey Arias – Live In Concert

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Joey Arias

Joey Arias works it!  The legendary singer did a rare 4 night residency at the Abrons Arts Center in New York and I was fortunate enough to catch the closing night show.  I’ve seen Joey Arias perform a lot over the years and every time I see him, I love him even more than I previously did.  Whether he is funking up a classic song like “A Hard Day’s Night” by the Beatles, by singing it to a jazz beat or delivering his exquisite rendition of “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday, I think it’s impossible to leave a Joey Arias show without a huge smile on your face.  The stories he tells in between songs are worth the price of admission alone, but at a Joey show, you get so much more than that.  The star studded audience for Arias’ closing night performance on October 9, 2010 included the King of Downtown – Earl Dax, filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell, artist Robert Richards, performer Raven O, and legendary club-scene promoter Lee Chappell.

Joey Arias played “White Room” by Cream, “God Bless the Child” and “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday, “Be My Baby” by the Ronnettes, “Something” and “A Hard Day’s Night” by the Beatles and even brought his dog on stage for Burt Bacharach’s “The Look of Love.”   His ability to leave a crowd totally transfixed is a skill I wish a lot of the “new school” performers could learn.  Joey so rightly pointed out during his performance that he does not need 18 sound processers and electronics to be amazing, he just needs a micorphone and a band.  And amazing is the best word to describe Joey Arias.  Stay tuned for a video of Joey Arias singing “God Bless the Child.”

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