“Gazing Ball” by Jeff Koons at David Zwirner

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Photos by G.  Art by Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons "Gazing Ball"

Jeff Koons “Gazing Ball”

Jeff Koons’ first exhibit of new work in New York in a decade opened last night, May 8, 2013 in the exhibit “Gazing Ball” at David Zwirner and it was quite a scene.  His work often elicits a strong response and I heard the gamut of emotions last night at the opening night reception.

Jeff Koons "Gazing Ball"

Jeff Koons “Gazing Ball”

The fact that Koons’ work gives people such a strong reaction is proof that his work is effective as it pushes the “art as a conversation” boundaries outwards.  I overheard a lot of art critics (who shall not be named) not wanting to like it, but once inside the gallery, they couldn’t help but enjoy what they saw.  And to those who didn’t give the work a chance and just hated on it for the sake of hatred, it was abundantly clear that those people are extremely jealous of Jeff Koons’ success.

Jeff Koons "Gazing Ball"

Jeff Koons “Gazing Ball”

I am not one of those people who is jealous of Koons and in fact, I think that it’s so great that he has not let fame go to his head.  He has just been dubbed the most successful US artist since Andy Warhol, and still he took the time at the opening to sign autographs and pose for photos with fans, and as you can imagine, he was pretty mobbed at times.

Mark Kostabi at Jeff Koons' "Gazing Ball"

Mark Kostabi at Jeff Koons’ “Gazing Ball”

Many celebs and artists were at the opening including artist Mark Kostabi (pictured above), Ben Stiller, Salman Rushdie and art collector Peter Brant.

Have your own conversation about Koons’ latest exhibit “Gazing Ball” after viewing it at David Zwirner (located at 525 West 19th Street) through June 29, 2013.

Jeff Koons and Geoffrey Dicker 2013

Jeff Koons and Geoffrey Dicker 2013

Los Angeles – Save The Date: Alec Monopoly Solo Show at Lab Art

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Photo courtesy of Lab Art.

Alec Exhibit at Lab Art

Alec Monopoly Exhibit at Lab Art.  Opens March 14, 2013

Los Angeles!

Get ready for a very special night!  Alec Monopoly’s first solo show in Los Angeles will be opening at Lab Art on March 14, 2013.  Alec’s had shows all over the world including “Alec Pass Go,” his first show in New York and you know that he will do it up right for his LA solo debut.  Coupled with the fact that Lab Art is one of the coolest galleries in the United States, this is going to be a night you will not want to miss.  There’s a good chance you’ll see me at the opening, so make sure you give me some Los Angeles love!

RSVP to info@labartgallery.com and save this date:

March 14, 2013 from 7 – 10 pm.

Lab Art is located at 217 South La Brea in Los Angeles.

I’m refraining from all Monopoly related puns in this space (you’re welcome), so just make sure you attend!  🙂


Must See Art: Damien Echols – “Looking Back, Moving Forward” at Sacred Gallery NYC

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Photos by G.  Art by Damien Echols.

Damien Echols -  Moving Forward, Looking Back

Damien Echols – Moving Forward, Looking Back

In 1994, Damien Echols was put on death row in connection to the murder of 3 kids in West Memphis, Arkansas.  After serving 18 years on death row, forensic evidence came to light proving that Damien Echols and his two friends (known as “the West Memphis Three”), did not commit the crimes they were accused of and were subsequently released from prison.  While Damien Echols served time on death row, he practiced meditation and eastern philosophy as a way to cope with his horrific situation.  Sacred Gallery in New York is showing the art that Damien Echols made and hung in his cell while on death row in an exhibit aptly titled “Moving Forward, Looking Back.”

Damien Echols - Where There's A Monster There's A Miracle

Damien Echols – Where There’s A Monster There’s A Miracle

Speaking at the opening night reception for this exhibit, Damien Echols said that for obvious reasons, he does not want this art in his life anymore, but since there are people that will enjoy it, it is very healthy to give it a new life and new home.  The exhibit is extremely emotional when you consider the circumstances of how the art came to be it is even more impressive how nice and soft spoken Damien Echols is.

Damien Echols - Rainbow Buddha

Damien Echols – Rainbow Buddha

Damien’s story is truly inspiring and when you consider that in a few short years, he went from spending his time isolated in a tiny cell to having people ask him for his autograph, it’s pretty incredible.

Damien Echols Assorted Small Works

Damien Echols Assorted Small Works

Do not miss this exhibit!  “Looking Back, Moving Forward” is showing at Sacred Gallery in New York (located at 424 Broadway at Canal Street in Soho). The exhibit runs through January 31, 2013.

After the jump you can see a photo of me with Damien Echols as well as a rock and roll god who also attended the opening night reception.

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NYC: Save the Date/Get Tickets Now: Damien Echols Exhibit at Sacred Gallery

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Photo by G.

Damien Echols

Damien Echols

NYC!  The first major art event of 2013 is going to be a biggie!  On January 5, 2013 (from 8 – 11 PM), Sacred Gallery will be showing drawings, craft works and collages that Damien Echols made while being wrongly imprisoned on death row for 18 years for a crime he did not commit.  Damien Echols is part of the West Memphis Three and if you don’t know his story, you need to!  Even though he’s had a very rough life, Damien Echols has overcome time and time again through the practice of Japanese Buddhism and he is a huge inspiration.

The exhibit will run from January 5 – January 31, 2012, but the opening night reception is a ticketed event.  A portion of the proceeds will go to Dharma Friends Prison Outreach which helps to support and promote those efforts that benefit the most forgotten and most disenfranchised in our world.

Tickets are only $10 and they will sell out quickly, so reserve your spot today!  (Link will open in new window).

Sacred Gallery is located at 424 Broadway 2nd Floor (Between Canal and Howard) SoHo in New York.

LA: Save The Date – “Matter of Time ” exhibit by Gregory Siff

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Photo courtesy of Gregory Siff.

Matter of Time by Gregory Siff at Gallery Brown in Los Angeles. Opens October 20, 2012.

Hey LA!  Make sure you reserve October 20, 2012 for the opening night reception of artist Gregory Siff’s latest exhibit “Matter of Time.”

Opening night will take place at Gallery Brown, located at 140 South Orlando in Los Angeles from 6 – 8 pm pn October 20, 2012 and the show will run through November 10, 2012.

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