Help Editors Raise Money For Oxfam

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Tom Smith of Editors

Tom Smith of Editors

On April 17, 2011, two members of the band Editors (Tom and Russell) will run the London Marathon and donate all moneys raised to Oxfam to help save lives.

Oxfam face many hurdles and struggles in the work they do.  Their life-saving work is an amazing thing and for us to challenge ourselves in a different way and commit to a marathon hopefully will raise money and awareness to a charity we support very much.

All the money you donate will support Oxfam’s programmes in Honduras, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka.

If you’re interested in seeing how your money will make a huge difference, please check out:

You can help this wonderful cause by donating anything you can at this link.

Free Radiohead Live DVD (For Donation)

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Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Radiohead really knows how to treat their fans right!  Earlier this year, they played a one-off benefit gig at the Music Box in Los Angeles on January 24, 2010 to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  Many fans snuck cameras into the show and recorded it for posterity.  The footage has been edited together and once again, the band has provided a crystal clear soundtrack.  Though this release is technically free, the band would really prefer that you give a donation, no matter how small to Oxfam. The link to donate is here.

You can download the Radiohead concert at this link.  Please don’t forget to donate!

The tracklist is:

Faust Arp / Fake Plastic Trees / Weird Fishes – Apreggi / National Anthem /Nude/ Karma Police / Kid A / Morning Bell / How To Disappear Completely / A Wolf At The Door / The Bends /  Reckoner / Lucky / Bodysnatchers / Dollars and Cents / Airbag / Exit Music (For A Film) / Everything in its Right Place / You and Whose Army / Pyramid Song / All I Need / Lotus Flower / Paranoid Android / Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Radiohead raise money for Haiti

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Radiohead live at All Points West - August 2008

Radiohead played a one off gig to raise money for Haiti last weekend in Los Angeles and details have emerged as to what the set list was.  They debuted a new song called “Lotus Flower.”  While I haven’t heard it, I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with a fan website where members can pay $77 a year to receive content long after it’s delivered for free on other sites.

According to NME, the setlist was:

‘Faust Arp’
‘Fake Plastic Trees’
‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’
‘The National Anthem’
‘Karma Police’
‘Kid A’
‘Morning Bell’
‘How To Disappear Completely’
‘A Wolf at the Door’
‘The Bends’
‘Dollars & Cents’
‘Exit Music’
‘Everything In Its Right Place’
‘You And Whose Army?’
‘Pyramid Song’
‘All I Need’
‘Lotus Flower’
‘Paranoid Android’
‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’

For those that went, I hope you had a great time for a great cause and just know that I am uber-jealous!

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