10 Questions with Gregory Siff

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Photos by G.  Art by Gregory Siff.

Gregory Siff

Gregory Siff

Some people defy labels.  Gregory Siff is one of those people.  His life resume shows successes in the following disciplines: singing, musicianship (playing guitar and alto-saxophone), acting, directing, painting (both as a fine artist and street artist), modeling and serving as emcee on a TV show.  His art has been featured in gallery exhibitions as well as on the streets across the United States which is how I came to discover this incredibly talented Renaissance man.  In addition to all these amazing accomplishments, Siff wrote a movie based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh entitled “painT.”  Find out more about the project and get to know Gregory Siff a little better.  I think you’ll find that his energy and enthusiasm for life are the keys to his success.

According2G: How did you get started in street art?

Gregory Siff: Two years ago I took three tubes of paint, (blue, red and yellow) and smeared them all over a big white billboard in the subway on my morning commute to work at 6am.  Ever since then I couldn’t wait to get up for work in the morning.  That was the first time.  It became my movie poster for the film that I wrote, painT. [link will open in new window]. It’s a modernization of the life of the artist Vincent van Gogh.

A2G: You don’t use aliases and you show your face. Has revealing your identity helped or hindered you in doing street art?

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