Banksy, docoBANKSY

Posted by The G on March 25, 2011 under Street Art | 2 Comments to Read

Photos by G.  Art by Banksy, docoBANKSY.

Banksy in Los Angeles

A few weeks ago, Banksy lifted one leg and brought street art onto the lips and minds of everyone.  He put up several pieces in Los Angeles.  Some were stolen, some have survived.  Since I live 3000 miles away and I don’t make it out to the City of Angels and Banksys too often, I was only able to find one in tact.  This one is located at 9930 Little Santa Monica Blvd. 

If you look closely, you’ll see a Banksy within a Banksy.  A documentary called docoBanksy has been found and you can learn more about it here.

docoBANKSY in front of Banksy. - on a Di-Faced Tenner

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