Review: Penguin Prison and Miike Snow at Terminal 5 (2nd Night)

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Chris Glover of Penguin Prison

On April 25, 2012, New York was treated to a double bill of great dance music as Penguin Prison and Miike Snow played their second of three sold out shows at Terminal 5.  I’ve seen Penguin Prison perform quite a few times and to date, this is the largest venue I’ve seen them play.  It worked perfectly to see close to 3,000 people shaking their bodies to the infectious dance pop of Penguin Prison’s music.   Despite a photographer pit and a huge barricade, lead singer Chris Glover still found a way to jump into the crowd and dance with the audience.  One of the highlights for me was their cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans,” of which Penguin Prison recently remixed.  The track got no introduction and when the lyrics began, you could hear the audience squeal with delight.  Hearing 3,000 people shout out “Don’t Fuck With My Money” was also one of the pinnacles of the night.  For those attending tonight’s 3rd and final night, the show begins promptly at 8:00 PM, so don’t miss Penguin Prison’s set!

Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow

Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow

An hour and a half later at 9:30 PM, Miike Snow took the stage.  They must have taken my suggestion from their previous tour, which consisted of nearly the same light display for the duration of the show, as each song had a different and even more wild light show than the previous track.  Like their last tour, the band emerged from behind a smoke machine wearing masks.  They removed the masks after the first song and the audience was loving every second of it.  Lead singer Andrew Wyatt moved all over the stage and often sang at a keyboard towards the rear of the stage.  In the center of the stage, there was huge pod-like device that had lights, keyboards and a projector contained within it (see photo below).  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  Highlights of the show were the excellent new songs “Paddling Out,” (of which Penguin Prison recently remixed and is great) as well as “Devil’s Work.”  Classics from their debut album such as “Sylvia,” “Animal” and “Sans Soleil” were also played.

Miike Snow Terminal 5

Miike Snow - Terminal 5

Thanks to Penguin Prison and Miike Snow for a great night of lights and dancing!

See both set lists after the jump.

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Don’t Fuck With My Money in Shoreditch + Penguin Prison News

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DFWMM in Shoreditch

Don't Fuck With My Money sticker in Shoreditch

Hey Penguin Prison fans!  Show off your remix skills and possibly get a spot on the new Penguin Prison maxi single “Fair Warning.”  The contest will end on May 3, 2012, so you’ve got no time to waste!

Catch Penguin Prison live this Spring on tour with Miike Snow!

Video: “Something I’m Not” live by Penguin Prison

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HD Video by G.

Penguin Prison rules!  Every song they have is danceable, catchy and will make you want to play it over and over again.  I didn’t think there could be any more ways to tell you how much I love Penguin Prison, but I was wrong.  Here it is in a bunch of different languages!

Afrikaans: ek is lief vir die pikkewyn die tronk

Arabic: أحب البطريق السجن

Chinese: 我爱企鹅监狱

Czech: Miluju tučňáka vězení

Danish: Jeg elsker pingvin fængsel

Dutch: ik hou van pinguïn gevangenis

French: i love prison pingouin

German: ich liebe Pinguin Gefängnis

Greek: Λατρεύω πιγκουίνος φυλακή

Hebrew: אני אוהב את הכלא פינגווין

Icelandic: ég elska Penguin fangelsi

Italian: amo carcere pinguino

Japanese: 私はペンギンの刑務所を愛して

Korean: 난 펭귄 감옥을 사랑

Latin: i amor Imperio carcere

Portuguese: eu amo prisão pinguim

Russian: Я люблю пингвинов тюрьмы

Spanish: me encanta la cárcel de pingüinos

Thai: ฉันรักคุกเพนกวิน

Vietnamese: i yêu chim cánh cụt tù

If you’re still with me, check out the amazing Penguin Prison performing “Something I’m Not” live at Bowery Ballroom on March 28, 2012.


‘Lil Mao – I Am The 100%

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I am The 100 Percent (bottom), Don't Fuck with my Money (top)

I am The 100 Percent (bottom), Don't Fuck with my Money (top)

Loving this sticker combo for so many reasons…


NYC: Save The Date – Free Penguin Prison Show at Industry

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Penguin Prison - Industry

Penguin Prison will perform live at Industry on February 28, 2012

Hey New York!  Save the date for what will surely be an epic night!  On February 28, 2012, Penguin Prison will perform a free set at Sweet Spot at Industry in New York City.

Sweet Spot is a weekly party hosted by the fabulous DJ/Producer Kevin Graves at Industry in Manhattan and the best news of all – this party is FREE!

Here’s all the details:

Industry is located at 355 West 52nd St in NYC.

The party begins at 11 PM on February 28, 2012 and runs until 2 AM!

See you there!


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