Review: Peter Hook at the Light live at Webster Hall

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Peter Hook Webster Hall 2013 3

Peter Hook

On September 13, 2013 New Order and Joy Division’s Peter Hook packed the house at New York’s Webster Hall as he performed 2 full New Order albums, “Brotherhood” and “Power, Corruption and Lies.”  Unfortunately, as of press time, Peter Hook is estranged from the other 3 members of New Order, so they are doing their thing and Peter Hook is doing his thing.  Billed as Peter Hook and the Light, you could have closed your eyes and hardly known that you were not hearing the original lineup of New Order.  Hook’s voice has a hypnotic way of sounding both like Joy Division’s Ian Curtis and New Order’s Bernard Sumner.  Coupled with the fact that Peter Hook has some of the best bass lines in music and that every song (no matter how obscure) induced a full crowd sing-a-long, the show was really awesome!

In addition to hearing songs that I never dreamed I’d ever hear live (like the studio version of “5 8 6,” and “Cries and Whispers”), Peter Hook also dusted off some Joy Division tracks like “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” and New Order’s mega-dance floor classic “Blue Monday.”  Though technically not on the record “Brotherhood,” the non-album track “Everything’s Gone Green” was also a welcomed surprise to the set and a video will be coming soon, so stay tuned.   Thanks Peter for an amazing show!!!

Peter Hook Webster Hall 2013

Peter Hook

The setlist was:

Ceremony / Procession / Dreams Never End / Truth  / Senses / Chosen Time / ICB / The Him / Doubts Even Here / short break / Cries and Whispers / Age of Consent / We All Stand / The Village / 5 8 6 / Your Silent Face / Ultraviolence / Ecstasy / Leave Me Alone


The Beach (Instrumental) / Everything’s Gone Green / Temptation / Blue Monday / Love Will Tear Us Apart

Peter Hook and Geoffrey Dicker 2013

Peter Hook and Geoffrey Dicker 2013.  Photo by a complete stranger.

I’d also like to thank Peter Hook for being one of the nicest guys in rock and roll.  He was super awesome to sign quite a few things for me from Joy Division, New Order, Monaco and Revenge and even commented on the items as he was signing them.  He was even impressed that as he signed a couple of my New Order DVDs, his signature on the items completed them as I’d previously gotten signatures from Bernard, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert.  Is that the coolest or what?!  Thanks so much Peter!!  I love you!

An Encounter with Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order)

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Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order) and G

Peter Hook!  He co-founded Joy Division which later morphed into New Order – 2 of my favorite bands!  He was in New York to perform the entire Joy Division album “Unknown Pleasures.”  Prior to the show, I met the legend and he was so nice!  It was very chilly out and he signed 8 New Order CD covers for me! My friend, who is an even bigger JD and NO fan than I, asked him to sign quite a few more things and he gave one of the best replies I’ve EVER heard when it comes to signing autographs.  He said “I’ll sign until I get bored.”  The boredom point was after 16 things!  Wow!  To be that much of a legend and to be so nice makes me love him a million times more (please take note C-list rock stars who will never accomplish a quarter of the things Peter Hook has!)  All I can say to Peter Hook is THANK YOU once again.  You really made my night!

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