“Animals” and “Grids” by Ryan McGinley

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Photos of Ryan McGinley’s photos by G.

From "Animals" by Ryan McGinley

New art trend:  Why have one exhibit when you can have many exhibits?  Lately, I’ve been seeing the same artist having multiple exhibitions simultaneously at different galleries within the same city (and often a bonus exhibition in another city).  Photographer Ryan McGinley is riding on that curve as he’s got two exhibits in New York currently.  Team Gallery is hosting two separate exhibitions from McGinley – “Animals” and “Grids.”

From "Grids" by Ryan McGinley

“Grids” focuses on individual portraits of fans at concerts and “Animals” shows nude models posing with live animals!

After the jump, see a semi-Not Safe For Closed Minded People photo as well as my signature – a photo of me chatting with the artist!

“Grids” is showing at Team Gallery, located at 47 Wooster Street,  and “Animals” is showing at 83 Grand Street in New York.  Both exhibits run until June 2, 2012.

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Happy Birthday, Johnny Rozsa

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Photo by G. Art by Johnny Rozsa.


Johnny Rozsa

art by Johnny Rozsa

Happy birthday to artist Johnny Rozsa!  Johnny has focused on photographing fashion and celebrities in his career and the list of people that have been in front of his camera is very impressive.  He’s photographed everyone from Leigh Bowery to Sade.  You should definitely check out his book “Untouched,” a collection of some of his work.  As you look through it, you’ll definitely recognize many of his iconic photos.  The first time I met Johnny was at a launch party for “Untouched” and I was floored by how nice he was to me.  Usually at openings, the artist can be pretty mobbed as everyone wants to talk to them, but that night, Johnny not only made time to talk with me and my friend, but he also showed us a hand-made prototype of what would become “Untouched” (which was also extremely cool).  Months later, I ran into him at another opening and not only did he remember meeting me, but he told me he started reading this site – and I don’t think I can ever get over it!  Too cool.  Johnny, thanks for being a genuinely nice person.  Thank for all the great art you’ve made and continue to make and most importantly, have a fantastic birthday!

“365 Days: A Catalog of Tears” by Laurel Nakadate

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Photos of Laurel Nakadate’s photos by G.

365 Days: A Catalog of Tears by Laurel Nakadate

If you live in New York, you probably saw Laurel Nakadate’s exhibit “365 Days: A Catalog of Tears” earlier this year at PS1.  If you missed it, you can see a smaller scale version at Leslie Tokonow (located at 535 West 22nd Street, between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues in NYC).  Laurel Nakadate created a series of photographs documenting a performance, in which she photographed herself before, during and after weeping each day from January 1 through December 31, 2010. Three hundred sixty-five color photographs measuring 8-1/2 x 11 inches each are installed in the main gallery.  The photos are not just about sadness and tears, they are also photos of Laurel’s random encounters with strangers.  I loved the exhibit when I saw it at PS1 and I was fortunate enough to meet Laurel to tell her in person at the opening night gala reception of this exhibit.

Laurel Nakadate

Laurel Nakadate

Laurel Nakadate and Geoffrey Dicker

Laurel Nakadate and Geoffrey Dicker

Special thanks to the Happy Famous Artists for the tip.

“365 Days: A Catalog of Tears” by Laurel Nakadate is on display until June 25, 2011.

RIP Tim Hetherington

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Photo by G.

Tim Hetherington and Geoffrey Dicker

Tim Hetherington and Geoffrey Dicker

I am literally sick to my stomach right now.  War photographer and co-director of the must see movie “Restrepo,” Tim Hetherington was killed today in an attack in Libya.  Many months ago, I attended a screening of “Restrepo” and though it was not an easy movie to watch, it was the most accurate depiction of war you’ll probably ever see.  In fact, I think the film should be taught in schools just to show impressionable youth how stupid war is.  I met Tim Hetherington after the movie was over and he was such a nice guy.  Please take a lesson from this tragic loss – WAR IS STUPID.  LIVES ARE LOST FOR NOTHING. KEEP THE PEACE.

RIP, Tim.  You will always be an inspiration to me.

Erica Simone Takes Nue-York (NSFW)

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Photos of Erica Simone’s photos by G.

Erica Simone

Nue York: Portrait of a Bare Urban Citizen by Erica Simone. Now showing at the Dash Gallery in NYC through April 28, 2011.

Close to a year ago, I discovered the work of photographer Erica Simone.  I had a strong feeling that we’d all be hearing and seeing a lot more from her and I am delighted to report that she did not make a liar out of me.  Erica Simone’s exhibit “Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen,” is now on display at the Dash Gallery in New York and it’s fantastic!  For this body of work, Erica Simone decided to document typical situations that New Yorkers encounter daily but with a twist – being completely naked.  News of the exhibit went viral across the world and Erica Simone was instantly catapulted onto the world stage.

Read more and see some NSFCMP (not safe for closed-minded people) photos after jump.

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