“The Invisible Man” by Liu Bolin

Posted by The G on July 7, 2011 under Artsy Fartsy | Read the First Comment

Photos of Liu Bolin’s photos by G.

"The Invisible Man" by Liu Bolin. Now showing at Eli Klein Fine Art in NYC through August 28, 2011.

Do not adjust your eyes!  “The Invisible Man” by Chinese artist Liu Bolin finds the artist disappearing into his works – literally.   Liu Bolin was photographed in Italy and China for these locations and you will find yourself reexamining your view of what it means to blend in as you take a look through these cool photos at the Eli Klein Fine Art gallery in New York.  Will you feel isolated, apart from the crowd or both?  That’s up to you.

“The Invisible Man” by Liu Bolin is showing at Eli Klein Fine Art (located at 462 West Broadway) in Manhattan through August 28, 2011.  See it before it disappears!



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