The Flame

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Photo and poem by G

Photo and poem by G

Old flame

You lit up the sky like fireworks

And you could make my head explode

But you didn’t care about me.

I thought I was your perfect match

But you burned out too quickly

And then I learned

That sometimes you have to fight fire with fire…

A Love Letter to Los Angeles

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Photo and lyrics by G

Photo and lyrics by G

I hate it when it rains

It makes the people on the roads go insane

But the sun is usually out and I love the heat

At one o’ clock in the morning there is nobody out on the street

There’s lots of culture to be had

If driving to the opposite end of town doesn’t make you mad

And if you ever find out that you run out of things to do

You can check out the bar scene – it’s open until two

You can go to the mountains or the beach in just a few h0urs

Or you can stay in the hills, locked in your ivory tower

The trade off for the weather mostly being sunny

Is that it’s not very fun if you don’t have any money

The place is not like New York

Where you can get a lot of stuff done each day

But you’ll always have a special place in my heart

For this is my love letter to LA.

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