Get Stuck – 12 Oz. Prophet

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Photos by G.  Art by 12 Oz. Prophet.

12 Oz. Prophet

12 Oz. Prophet

Friggin’ cool!  As you walk down East Houston Street in New York, you’ll see these little gems from 12 Oz. Prophet.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the entire pole (above) and newspaper dispenser (below) are completely covered!

12 Oz. Prophet

12 Oz. Prophet

I think I spot a Free Humanity sticker on the Metro.  That dude is everywhere!

When A Pole Is Not Just A Pole

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Photo by G.  Art By Paul Richard.

Pole or Art?

The other day as I was walking down the street in Chelsea, I passed this post, as I have so many times without giving it a second glance.  As fate would have it, I took a look at the placard in the center and realized that it was “designed” by Paul Richard.  It’s from 2009, so this is hardly breaking news, but it was new to me and my job as a blogger is to share the latest goodness with you.  This is far more interesting than slagging off Sandra Bullock, according2g.

See how much this mixed media piece by Paul Richard retails for after the jump.

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