Weiner Exposed

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Photo by G.

Weiner Exposed

Weiner Exposed

I have a few things to say.  First, I love the glory-hole effect with the dangling wiener in the “O” of “exposed.”  Second, for those like me who are out having a real life instead of listening to the bullshit the media is filling the general public up with, here’s what’s happening:  a politician named Anthony Weiner, on company time (i.e. taxpayer dollars) sent pictures of his cock to multiple women even though he is married.  For some reason, he has not been fired on the spot.  On Monday morning, please do me a favor and go ask your current employer what would happen to you if you sent photos of your cock during the work day using company resources.  Bonus points if you are a woman and you ask this question.  Let me tell you what would happen – your ass would be FIRED faster than you can say “bukkake!”  It’s the good old American double standard – and the public lets people get away with it!  WTF?  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!  I am not even going to get into a rant about the fact that conservatives have said that marriage is between a man and a woman.  Two men or two women cannot get married, but it seems to be perfectly ok to make a vow of commitment and then get action on the side whilst cheating on your partner.  I assure you, if he apologizes what he really means to say is “I am very sorry… I got caught and you all found out I am a fraud.”

That is the truth exposed.

What are you gonna do about it?


RIP, Geraldine Ferraro

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Photo and autograph courtesy of the G Archives.

Geraldine Ferraro

Politician Geraldine Ferraro has died at age 75.  She was the first female to put her name on the ballot to run for Vice President of the United States.  She lost to Ronald Regan / George Bush and we all know how that turned out.  RIP, Geraldine!

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