Prince Has Been Brainwashed By Cultish Religion

Posted by The G on June 23, 2011 under The G Spot | 2 Comments to Read

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Prince - Has Lost His Mind


What a sad day.  Prince, the man who once sang “Some people can’t understand, just being inside a church don’t make a righteous man,” is now saying “It’s fun being in Islamic countries to know there’s only one religion.  There’s order. You wear a burqa. There’s no choice. People are happy with that” in an exclusive interview with The Guardian.   He also states that he’s got no plans to release another album due to internet piracy.  With his recent output, that actually makes me happy.  It’s depressing hearing a former trend-setter sound like a bad cover version of himself with extremely trite lyrics trying to convert people to believe the same religious jargon he believes in.

If you didn’t know me, you’d think I was just a big Prince hater.  It’s not true.  I learned a long time ago (from negative personal encounters) to separate the person from the music.  I am also a person who has no problem calling someone out on their bullshit and I think it’s a shame that more Prince fans don’t do the same.  Behind closed doors, they sure think it but are often too afraid to go public.  Well, I speak for all those who are wasting their voice by not using it.

Prince’s narrow view on life is very upsetting to me as I’ve been a life long Prince fan.  I was always so inspired by Prince’s open-minded lyrics (such as “Sexuality is all you’ll ever need… let your body be free.”), but obviously he’s been brainwashed by the cultish Jehovah’s Witness religion which he is a member of.  When I saw Prince perform earlier this year during his 21 night residency at the Forum in Los Angeles, which ended up not being 21 nights (which in religious terms is called “a lie”), it was very sad to me.  It looked like Prince.  It sounded like Prince.  But it was not the Prince that made myself and legions of people become his fan. His live shows became legendary because you never knew what he was going to do and now, rather than challenge his audiences with obscure tracks or different versions of the songs you know and love, he just plays it very safe.  With his recent sentiments about having “no choice,” it makes perfect sense – but it is still very upsetting, especially when he still has the “it” factor oozing out of his pores.  It’s also interesting that Prince who has denounced his “dirty songs” has never once offered to give back the royalties from those songs.  He also regularly performs tracks like “Little Red Corvette,” “Hot Thing,” and “Kiss” which are filled with sexual innuendo, and while they don’t contain “bad words,” they are still pretty dirty.  I think in religious terms, they call that a “double standard.”

I am all for a person being excited about the things they believe in as long as they agree to disagree with people who do not feel the same.  Prince’s staunch beliefs are so rigid, there’s his way or the highway.  There was a time when I literally would have moved heaven and earth to see Prince live, I’d cancel all appointments on the day of a new album release and traveling to other cities to catch a glimpse of the man were considered a given.  I know I speak for countless Prince fans across the globe that have done the same.  I feel duped because I supported his career all these years because he was all about freedom and opening your mind.   Now he’s issued us an ultimatum.  Take it or leave it.  Guess what Prince, I am going to leave it.

Come back to us Prince.  It’s really sad to see you in this comatose state of mind.  Don’t forget, your actions are a choice.


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