Worst Viral Campaign Ever – Prince Sues Himself

Posted by The G on January 9, 2013 under GNN | Comments are off for this article

Photo via the Internets.

Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist

Less than 48 hours ago, Prince’s minions (via the Twitter account ‘3rdEyeGirl’), uploaded 4 extremely disposable new tracks – one new song, one remix of a recent song, one extended version of a previously released track and one rehearsal video clip.

In a typical ‘WTF is Prince doing’ move, a letter was allegedly issued to ‘3rdEyeGirl’ asking for the removal of the videos with dollar amounts attached to each infringement.

Instead of surrounding himself with creative people like he did in the 80s and 90s, Prince is just showing how out of touch with reality he really is by suing himself.

Prince, if you are out there, you are embarrassing yourself and ruining your legacy!  That’s what you should cease and desist doing.  If U wanna talk Prince, eye am here 4 u, bb.

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