10 Questions with Street Artist Conumbdrum

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Photos courtesy of Conumbdrum.

Push Button for Conumbdrum

A conumdrum is a riddle whose answer involves a pun.  A conumdrum is also an intricate or difficult problem.  It stands to reason that when I interviewed Los Angeles based street artist Conumbdrum, his responses were filled with thought provoking riddles; however, he was anything but difficult when he answered the following questions.


According2g: How did you get started in street art?

Conumbdrum: I’ve always been obsessed with photocopies and multiple images. And I’ve xeroxed so many of the same images over and over through the years, I had to find a way to rid myself of them so giving them away seemed only right.

There is nothing to see here.


A2G: Who are your heroes and influences?

C: Hmmm, kill your idols! I mean when you rid yourself of the influence of “heroes” you find your true voice. But I do still have a fondness for outlaws like Sam Shepard, Charles Bukowski, and Dennis Hopper.

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Photographer on the Rise: Erica Simone

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Photo by G.

Erica Simone poses with her photo "Ceremony Boy" at the Art For Haiti Benefit at the Aperture Gallery in New York.

On June 15, 2010, I attended the Art for Haiti benefit at the Aperture Gallery in New York, where artists from all over the world kindly donated their work to raise money for people afflicted by the recent earthquake in Haiti.  One of the photos that struck me the most was “Ceremony Boy” by photographer Erica Simone and as luck would have it, I met the photographer moments after gazing at her wonderful work! Erica Simone has the life we all want by growing up in Paris and moving to New York at age 16 to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Her photos have been seen in National Geographic and the French magazine PHOTO,  she’s won countless awards and her photos have been shown in exhibits in New York, Paris and Berlin! After checking out the photo galleries on her website, I was definitely correct in my assumption that Erica Simone is a photographer on the rise!  I am looking forward to hearing great things about this amazing artist in the not-so-distant future.  Thanks for letting me photograph YOU, Erica!

In The Studio with Artist Jeanne Wilkinson

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Photos by G.  Art by Jeanne Wilkinson.

The Painted People by Jeanne Wilkinson

One of the greatest things about this blog is that I am extremely fortunate to attend really cool events and meet all kinds of interesting people.  My version of paying it forward is sharing these cool experiences with you in hopes that you discover or rediscover something that makes you smile.  With that being said, I was very lucky to visit the studio of American artist Jeanne Wilkinson and she gave me a peek into her world and the wonderful art she creates.

I don’t think there’s a genre that Jeanne Wilkinson has not mastered and her works range from abstract paintings to photography to music and visual art.  I was so impressed with her ever evolving body of work, I cannot stress highly enough the importance of going to her website to check out all the great stuff she does.  Her films have been shown at art events across the country and she’s participated in countless gallery shows.

The above picture of The Painted People is just one of many projects she has created and the concept is genius:  she has taken discarded Barbie and Ken dolls and GI Joe action figures and has given them a new and more exciting life.  The Painted People have traveled all over the world and their adventures have been caught on film and in still photos.  I can absolutely envision their stories being told in a movie or TV series franchise.  Are you listening studio moguls?!

Jeanne Wilkinson with the Painted People!

You’d think that having that kind of potential hit on her hands would make Jeanne rest on her laurels.  Not a chance!  After the jump, see even more cool stuff from Jeanne Wilkinson.

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