Beverly Fishman at Galerie Richard in NYC

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Photos by G.  Art by Beverly Fishman.

Beverly Fishman at Galerie Richard in NYC. Now showing through January 28, 2012

Do not adjust your eyes!  If you love psychedelic art, you will love Beverly Fishman’s self-titled exhibit at Galerie Richard in New York.  Beverly Fishman’s paintings are different configurations of polished stainless steel with visual fields woven from neural imagery, sound waves and other technological data.

Partial view of “Pill Spill” by Beverly Fishman

In addition to the eye popping paintings, you will also see “Pill Spill,” which are 90 unique glass capsules that look like they might be mind altering drugs.  You cannot possibly see all the vivid detail in these photos, so I urge you to look upon these works with your naked eye.

Beverly Fishman

Galerie Richard is located at 514 West 24th Street in New York.  Beverly Fishman’s exhibit runs until January 28, 2012.

This exhibit is a cool trip for the eyes and senses!  Don’t miss it!

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