Puppetry of the Penis

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Puppetry of the Penis - August 4 - August 20.  Tix on sale now!!!

Puppetry of the Penis - August 4 - August 20. Tix on sale now!!!

I never thought I’d ever get a chance to teabag Depeche Mode, but here it is.  Puppetry of the Penis is a wonderfully funny and inventive show that is playing from August 4 – August 20 at the 45 Bleecker Street Theater in the East Village of New York.  You’ll see more tricks that you can perform with your penis than you ever thought imaginable.  It’s not hard to get tickets, so quit dicking around and get them! Come to www.telecharge.com and you’ll have a ball!

The stars Rich Binning and Christopher Cannon of Puppetry of the Penis are funny, sexy and of course – fully naked for the entire show!  As you know, we at According2g.com are big fans of nudity!  You’d think at a show like this, photography would make the performers go nuts (yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week!), butt (please tip your waiters!) they didn’t seem to mind.  UPDATE:  I’ve been asked to remove the pictures by the artists in the show, so I hope you enjoyed them while they lasted.  The performers wrote in to tell me that they are having a hard time finding work while there are naked pictures of them on the internet.  I obliged and took the photos down, but let me just suggest that if you are afraid of nude photos leaking out, perhaps it’s not the greatest idea to perform fully naked in a show for months on end – AND invite the audience to take photos.

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